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    lg optimus T phone not reading sd card.

      my optimus phone just stoppped reading my sd card. i just got it and i don't know what to do can anyone help?

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          Try Settings/SD Card & phone storage/Unmount SD card, then Mount it.

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            it doesn't let me choose that option.

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              If that option is not available then the SD card is not mounted in the first place, which would explain the problem your having.

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                i changed out the memory card and nothing i made sure the holding was in place and everything. and tmobile telling me though don't know whats the problem. i did a reset...

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                  it is frustrating...I know, I've been there.


                  can the SD card in question be read by any other device?


                  have you tried different BRANDS of SD cards?  there are NOKIA branded SD cards which don't like other phones.


                  try REFORMTTING the SD card.


                  if you have to, borrow an SD card reader and plug it into your computer, does it read?


                  as a last resort, take it to a TMO store and ask the rep to try it...(they're the PRO's, right? ::giggle::)





                  I just remembered...from the previous forums...there were others having this issue...everyone recommended clearing out the HISTORY of the browser, the COOKIES, the TEMP FILES...EVERYTHING, yes, even saved passwords.


                  bon chance!

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                    Nothing works for SD card problem.


                    I just bought this T-Mobile LG for my wife. I turned the phone on and it wanted to format the SD card. So I let it. Since then, all I get is the message "SD Card has been removed". I have tried everything in this forum. 3 different SD cards of varying size. Formatting the SD cards in Windows. Checking the SD slot. Checking the SD slot fingers for bent, broken, or just not making contact. Soft reset the phone back to factory specs. Hard reset it too. Can't figure out why it saw it once when I turned the phone on the first time. Now I find this forum and it seems to be an ongoing problem with this model. I would like to root this phone and install 3.3 Gingerbread. Anyone know if this has fixed their SD card problem???

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                      I may have some good news for everybody on this thread. I got my SD card slot working. I let my nephew look at it and he discovered that one of the hinges of the flip cover was loose. The hinge closest to the camera has a contact that signals the phone that the cover is opened or closed. When he put the SD card back in, he made sure that the hinge was in its slot properly and that the cover was fully flat and flush with the SD card. It now works perfectly. We have both removed and replaced the multiple SD cards that wouldn't work before and they all work perfectly every time. We could not see that anything was broken on the SD tray and being that a lot of people are having the same problem, we suspect that it just a design flaw, and not broken. I hope this helps and works for everybody. It is a great phone when it works.

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                        I had the same issue. When it's not reading the SD card because the SD card itself may have been damaged, meaning that the phone can't take  corrupted SD Card, so I did some resources to fixed the problem. Just have to get a new one and it should read  a new SD card once it's installed and it's will be all setup and fully functional.

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                          I think everything in the last forum was removed from the boards.  This is a known issue with the phone.  LG claims it doesn't affect the phone or SD card but it does.  (some) My pictures have been randomly deleted, my playlists on my music player get deleted, and that annoying message pops up.  It will also cause the phone to lag because the phone is causing the SD card to dismount then mount making the processesor wait until it does that.


                          I don't do software updates so I can't tell you if it will work or not. 


                          I've tried all of my SD cards dating back to 2007 and most recently a class 5, all of them do the same thing.  Best word of advice is try to live with it.  Get a replacment if you want and test it out, but it will be refurbished. 


                          Other than this issue it is an amazing phone and experience. 

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                            I recenly brought my LG optimus T which was refurbished online at T-moble about two weeks from now. When I turned on the phone, everything was working exspect for Removed SD card Issues. So I called T-moblie for an exchanged. but I change my mind and tried to fix it myself using some of my computer skills learned back when I in College, They provided me a website that you can get updates downloading their lastest Update at LG.com I was able to carefully removed the SD card and placed it back into the memory slot, Once everything was in place, I turn on the phone, It  almost had the SD card to read, but It will Show "Damaged SD card" No longer that memory that came with the phone can't be used no more. So the next day I went to get a replacement SD Card with alittle upgrade like a 4GB better than a 2 GB was able to read the new SD card. These LG smartphones are amazing, but they sure do take alot of battery life by using GPS, The websites and Get in to accounts for e-mails and facebook. I was able to extended battery life by turning off apps, Networks and GPS systerm and the power will be saves hours. I sure getting the hang of my phone from with all it's great features.

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                              My LG Optimus was recognizing the presence of my SD card intermittenly. I figured it was a mechanical problem not a software one. Upon close examination of the SD housing, I realized the when closing the cover the card gets pushed away from the contacts. I used a small tool to hold the card snugly in place as I closed and latched the cover. It worked!

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                                My SD card has been going in and out ever since I bought this phone.. Will never buy another LG anything ,,Not happy with T- Mobile's spotty network either.  When it is up, its slow.. even for 3G its is slow. Can't believe I let my wife talk me into this and away from my other provider.

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                                  I spoke too soon. Problem persists.


                                  If I have my phone plugged into my computer and can see the SD card contents, even though the phone display reads that it can't find the SD card.


                                  I don't think there is a solution to this problem.

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                                    We got a tiny piece of paper and folded it up inbetween the SD card and the Carriage and closed the gate and it now works perfectly!  No liability if this catches fire!  

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