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    Wifi issues at the office - Works for about 10 minutes then loses data (but wifi still connected)

      This is an odd one.  My wifi works great at home, connects automatically and stays connected all day with wifi calling works fine.  At work though, I have to manually add the connection (even though they broadcast the network name).  I connect just fine and I have all data connectivity including wifi calling.  But after several minutes, I lose data connectivity.  The wifi connection stays intact, but there is no data and no more wifi calling.


      I've connected to several other wifi locations and haven't duplicated the issue.  My previous smartphone stayed connected at work with data capabilities and I've spoken to others using wifi at work and they've never had this issue.  Tech support at work confirms the wifi settings I'm using are accurate.


      I tend to think it's the phone but it's odd it's only happening in one location so far (but no one else is experiencing it!).  Frustrating.  Anyone else experience this issue or have any suggestions?  Thanks

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