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    Intermittent beeping over bluetooth in WiFi calling mode

      Hello, everyone,


      T-Mobile recently pushed an update to my Galaxy S2, and now I finally have Wi-Fi calling. However, I've noticed that when I use my bluetooth headset, I hear intermittent beeps (every 10-20 seconds or so), regardless of whether I am in the call or not, i.e. as soon as the headset stays connected I hear those beeps. The beeps are only present when the WiFi calling mode is on - as soon as I turn it off, they disappear. When I turn it back on, they start again.


      It is not related to the battery level of either the phone or the headset (I verified).


      I used to have Samsung Galaxy S with WiFi calling and it didn't have this problem (with the same bluetooth headset).


      Any ideas or advice?


      Thank you!