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    how to unlock my phone using a gmail account

      My sons phone has ben locked for 2 days and wont unlock without a gmail account info but we don't know what that is and we cant get to any other screens or do anything with the phone. How can we fix this?

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          Well if you can't remember the info then you should go on  gmail.com and click forgot password. This should help you get your info back and unlock your sons phone. Hope this helps.

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                 If you are still unable to get the correct username/passcode (or enough incorrect tries has it unable to recognize the correct username/passcode) I'd suggest a hard reset of the phone as the best way to get back into that phone as soon as possible.  While a reset will clear the phone out to original factory settings, it will not delete anything on the SIM card or SD/Memory card;


            1. Turn off the phone and unplug it from anything it's connected to.
            2. Remove the battery and reinsert it, making sure not to press or hold any buttons when reassembling.
            3. Hold the Volume Up and Power Key simultaneously (at the same time).
            4. Release the keys when the Samsung logo appears on the screen.
            5. When the Android unbox screen appears, press the Menu key
            6. When the Android system recovery screen appears, press the Volume Down key to highlight wipe data/factory reset.
            7. Press the Home key.
            8. Use the Volume Down key to select Yes.
            9. Press the Home key.
            10. When the reset is complete, highlight “reboot system now” and press the Home key.


            These directions must be followed exactly to work, so if it fails, please try again.  I hope this helps, and thanks for using T-Force.