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        With wifi OFF, under preferred network is should say "GSM auto (prl)".  If it says anything else, tap it and change it to that setting, exit and see if you get 3G.  Of course all your mobile network settings should be set to "3G only" or "automatic" (menu > settings > mobile networks > select network)

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          Sorry I have a galaxy SOon I just realized this is for a motorola phone

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            Ok finally called tmobile customer service and they could not reconnect the 3g.   they are sending me a replacement tomorrow.   Hope that works.  Thanks for all your help.  This is a great site.

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              FWIW, I occasionally cannot get 3G when I know I'm in a strong signal area and it's always been because the "preferred network" setting hasn't made the switch from "GSM only" (for wifi use) to "GSM auto (prl)".  The INFO (4636 = INFO) menu is easy to access and it takes about one minute to "fix".  If your radio is set to "GSM only", not all the King's horses, God, nor T-Mo will get your phone to operate on 3G, because the radio is set to NOT receieve 3G. 


              Not saying that's the case here, but for others a head's up.  It can save tons of wasted time on the phone and swapping out phones for no reason.  The INFO menu (*#*#4636#*#*) is available on all Android phones. 

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                Whether you use wifi or not should have no impact on your wireless network mode.  Whatever your wireless network is set to (2G-only,  Auto,  3/4G-only) should remain constant when wifi is toggled on and off,  since it is using a different antenna.


                It is,  however, possible that a power management application could make broader changes when connection profiles change.

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                  after spending an hour on phone with customer service, they decided I needed a replacement.  Sent it out overnight and I set it up and it is working again.  Thank you all for advice.  I will certainaly remember this site.

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                    That's not true. It does matter if you are running wifi or not. 


                    When you switch to wifi with the Defy the radio setting automatically changes to "GSM only", and in this mode you cannot get 3g.  Of course it's designed this way for people who want to do most of their downloads etc. with wifi: when you get a wifi signal and you set your phone to use it, "GSM only" mode switches on and 3G cannot be used.  The problem arises when you shut off wifi (or leave a wifi area) when, in rare cases, the "GSM only" doesn't make the automatic switch to "GSM auto (prl)".  It must switch to "GSM auto (prl)" to connect to 3G.  What I have noticed is, sometimes it doesn't make the switch.  The antenna setup is irrelevant if the RADIO itself denies 3g.  Try it. 


                    Also, on one ocassion only, I was unable to get any network signal.  Nothing.  I had seen one other post on a Defy forum with the same issue (they sent their phone back).  I went into the info menu and did an update and refresh on the radio and network came back on.  Hasn't happened to me since. 


                    deedemp, glad you're up and running. 

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                      I apologize. I have no idea why the Defy should do this when the two technologies (wifi and wireless) are not technically co-dependent and this change does not happen on other Android devices.


                      All that should happen to the wireless network settings when the wifi service is toggled on is that the Data enabled/Use packet data setting should be toggled off. It should then toggle back on when wifi is disabled. The preferred network mode should have no bearing on the ability to use wifi connectivity, and wifi connectivity should not impact the preferred network mode.


                      Having said that, I am not disputing that you are seeing this change. It just doesn't make any sense.


                      What happens when you have your wireless network mode set to Automatic or 3G/4G-only and toggle the Data enabled/Use packet data setting off and back on without using wifi? Does the network mode remain unchanged?

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                        Actually, I'll correct that. The Data enabled/Use packet data setting isn't toggled off in every case (I have different Android devices where it does and does not happen), but either way the wifi connection is prioritized and the wireless network connection does not run while wifi is active.


                        The fact that the wireless network mode is supposed to change to 2G-only for the duration of the wifi connection only makes even less sense. Since the wifi connection doesn't use the wireless network in any way, why make the change and they revert as the wifi connection is closed? Crazy. 

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                          Sorry, wasn't trying to be strident.  So, I apologize if I sounded that way.  But you can look for yourself in the INFO menu and see the change (on the Defy). 


                          Of course, when you set the phone for 3G only, the "preferred network type" changes to "WCDMA only", which seems logical.  When set to automatic, it is described in the previous post. 


                          But I wondered the same thing (why should it matter), and the only reason I can imagine for the change of network settings on the US Defy (which is what I have) is because of wifi-calling. 


                          But again, the whole purpose of my response was to help those who were having trouble getting 3G.  For whatever reason, when the RADIO is set at "GSM only" it will get edge but not 3G (again, since this is the mode that uses wifi-calling maybe that's why?).  When set at "GSM auto (prl)" (preferred roaming list) it gets 3G.  And... sometimes it "forgets" to make the swap-over. 


                          Conversely, you cannot set the RADIO directly to WCDMA, it won't stick unless you set the phone settings for 3G ONLY. 

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                            I didn't take your response to be strident. You were right that you were seeing something for which I wasn't giving due credit. My apology was appropriate. Yours isn't necessary :-)


                            Your point about the role of wifi calling is probably the answer to this conundrum. Unfortunately, I'm running a custom ROM and have removed the Wifi Calling app so I can't test how that impacts my configuration.


                            Thinking about it though: it isn't possible to talk and browse simultaneously when the data connection is set to 2G-only, so perhaps the wifi calling app deliberately sets the data connection to 2G to prevent the device attempting to fail the call over to the normal voice network if a signal is detected. I'm guessing here, of course...

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                              Sounds logical.  Again, I am certainly no expert but was just passing on observed behavior to others in the hopes it might save them from hours of fruitless conversations with support and/or returning a perfectly good phone.  Happy New Year!

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                                A very worthy objective...sorry I caused this diversion - though it has proved to be quite interesting!


                                Happy New Year to you too :-)

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                                  Wifi calling can over-ride cell reception. 


                                  Today I was unable to use the cellular network on my phone at all.  I drove through a substantial area so knew it couldn't be a localized cell issue.  Anyway, short story long: I could get connection only through wifi-calling but as soon as I switched off the wifi, cell reception was dead.  Going into the INFO menu I could see the radio was not switching from "GSM only" (wifi-calling/wifi mode) to "GSM auto (prl)" (cell mode).  So, I put wifi and wifi-calling back on, and in the wifi-calling app selected "settings" "connection preferences" and changed it from "wifi only" to "cellular preferred".  Then I shut off wifi altogether and the cellular network came back on. 


                                  My guess is the wifi-calling could actually, though a glitch?, "over-ride" the cellular connection by preventing the radio from switching over to a mode that would allow cell reception.  I could get neither 3G, Edge or voice.  FWIW.

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                                    Being unable to reach the voice wireless network when set to wifi-only makes sense and is consistent with our earlier conclusions. 


                                    Being unable to reach 3G is consistent with your observations throughout.


                                    Not being able to browse data at EDGE speeds is odd because you originally reported that your settings were being set from Auto or WCDMA-only (both of which enable 3G,  when available)  to GSM-only which is the 2G network mode. When not in a wifi call, with that setting, you should still be able to access 2G data,  even if the access to voice is blocked.


                                    Were you able to access GPRS (the base level 2G data service)?