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    tmobile not loyal to customers, ive had 3 sensations and all have been defective i want a different phone. not the plastic "HTC" mytouch line. come on im not stupid

      've had 3 sensations on my line 4057. I paid a lot for the phone. But the phone is always defective. I've spoken to customer Service for help and they want to send me the same device or a downgraded mytouch device. I would be happy to get a new phone from a different manufacturer. They told me I can get the galaxy s 2 but my phone hung up and they never noted the account.....I've been a very loyal customer for 12 years and now you aren't being equally as loyal. In fact one supervisor said it is wrong to help me and hung up on me. I was being very nice to everyone I talked to. I'm going to take my business else where if my problem is not resolved. Why should I sign a contract when a phone never works?!


      I have recently talked to CS again and they are still trying to offer me the same exact previous offer. Either exchange for sensation again or a plastic mytouch slide with a smaller screen and worse reviews. I want a different manufacture such as Samsung. 6 months ago I had the g2x and it was a known issue that the phone would reboot all the time. So tmobile offered to renew my contract and discount heavily the sensation which I bought. But now 3 sensations later I have the same reboot problem! I have wasted a lot of money and a lot of my time with Tmobile. If I don't get a upgraded phone for free such as Samsung galaxy s 2. Which I see that, that phone is closest to what I paid for and is very unlikely to have problems. Then I will cancel my service and will not pay you any cancellation fee because in court you provided service I was unable to use because of defective phones. I LOVED Tmobile, as you can see I've been here for 12 years. But of late, quality of phones and service have plummeted tremendously. I really would like to stay but I'm being pushed away by very rude customer service specialist that supposebly have no authority to grant my wishes that I and most people see is ethically right. Phone line 4057 I would imagine seeing a call very shortly as I am growing impatient it has been 4 days of this fiasco. Please make me happy like you have always have done. I always talked highly when others bad mouthed your company. I am a very very loyal customer but I see no loyalty on your end.


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