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    "No Service" on factory unlocked iPhone 4s

      I received a factory unlocked 4s for Christmas.  I went to my local TMobile store where they gave me a microSIM card and installed it for me.  The phone showed no service so they called TMobile customer support and worked on it for about an hour with no luck.  They suspected that the phone was not really unlocked.  I called Apple who confirmed that it is unlocked and had me sync with iTunes.  Still "no service" so the next Apple support person had me restore factory settings.  35 minute download later and still "No Service".  Back to TMobile for another SIM, just in case.  They were happy to install a new SIM and again suggested that they did not think the phone was truely unlocked.  Another phone call to Apple and several minutes on hold while they consulted with a higher up to be told that the unlocked IPhone cannot be used on TMobile - only on networks that support the iPhone (what's the point of paying for an unlocked phone?) and that I could return my phone or change cell providers.  I know plenty of TMobile users have iPhones.  What next???

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          I'm not sure how it goes but I think the iphone needs

          to be unlocked and you have to jailbreak it to work on another




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            It might not be unlocked. I just bought an unlocked AT&T 4s from the apple store, and it worked just fine once the tmobile store inserted a micro sim into the phone. Did you already have a data plan with tmobile?

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              Yes, I'm under contract with TMobile and have a data plan ($49.99 talk/text/data).  The guys at TMobile thought it might not be unlocked and said sometimes that happened but I asked every person that I talked to at Apple if that was a possibility and they just said "our system shows that the phone is unlocked".  I don't really know what that means.


              I was under the impression that I would not have to jailbreak a factory unlocked phone, right?!?

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                Not sure what to tell you.  Did you make sure that under the cellular data tab,  in the network field, that all fields are left blank? Mine worked fine, and it didn't need to be jail broken.  I will tell you that there are features that don't work with the iphone on t-mobile.  It will only work in 2G(EDGE), no 3G, MMS won't work, and a few other things that aren't supported by tmobile.   My suggestion is that you return the phone to an apple store and have them give you another unlocked phone.  Mine was an unlocked AT&T phone, and the only thing they told me was to wait 10 minutes before powering it up.


                Good luck

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                  I recently purchased unlocked iPhones (4S) from apple.com. I took them to my tmobile store and had micro sim cards installed with my information into the phones.  Within five minutes they worked on my tmobile account with no problems. I ended up returning the iPhones because they worked only on 2G (the edge) speed.  Apple refunded my entire purchase with no restocking fee.  As long as you return the phone (after calling them) within one month of purchase, you will not be charged a restocking fee.


                  It sounds like the iPhone you received is not working.  I suggest returning it and ordering a new unlocked iPhone.  It should work with the tmobile account at 2G speed.

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                    Thanks for all of your help.  I made an appointment at the local "Genius Bar" at the Apple store where they confirmed that there was something wrong with the phone itself and replaced it for free on the spot.  Not sure what the phone rep was talking about but I'm just glad to have a working phone, even at slower speeds.

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                      I got an unlocked 4s just before Christmas. I have the same thing no service once in a while.... I pay not attention to it every time I want to make a call it makes a call every time I get a text or a call it works just fine...... check to make sure it's not just a silly ios issue that's not a big deal except when you look at it ????



                        The genius guys wont be able to help you. Google it some more you will see others have been there and got no help (the apple guys are great ) this seems to be just one of those things......


                      Let me know if the "No Service" for you really is no service ? I an on tmobile in PA

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                        So after seeing all of these posts. If you look at the specifications of the micro sim cards it will tell you that they are on different frequency bands using 1700/2100 MHz or something like that and it won't work for certain Iphones if your using the 3g or above.

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                          The factory unloked iphone does work on T-mobile. I just bought a "FU" iPhone 4 for Christmas and it worked fine. The apple reps even said that it will work when i purchased it in the store. The "Edge" speed thing is still an issue though.

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                            No, you dont have to jailbreak a factory unlocked iphone.

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                              The MMS works on these phones too. Keep in mind that the carrier settings are not automatically installed for MMS on the unlocked phones because they will be different for each carrier. Do an google search for the MMS settings for tmobile iphones and they should pull up allowing MMS to send.