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"No Service" on factory unlocked iPhone 4s

I received a factory unlocked 4s for Christmas.  I went to my local TMobile store where they gave me a microSIM card and installed it for me.  The phone showed no service so they called TMobile customer support and worked on it for about an hour with no luck.  They suspected that the phone was not really unlocked.  I called Apple who confirmed that it is unlocked and had me sync with iTunes.  Still "no service" so the next Apple support person had me restore factory settings.  35 minute download later and still "No Service".  Back to TMobile for another SIM, just in case.  They were happy to install a new SIM and again suggested that they did not think the phone was truely unlocked.  Another phone call to Apple and several minutes on hold while they consulted with a higher up to be told that the unlocked IPhone cannot be used on TMobile - only on networks that support the iPhone (what's the point of paying for an unlocked phone?) and that I could return my phone or change cell providers.  I know plenty of TMobile users have iPhones.  What next???