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    Software upgrade - Samsung Galaxy S 4G

      I have upgraded my Samsung Galaxy S 4G from 2.2 to 2.3 using the post on T-mobile website. However, my phone have become more unstable and battery hungray after upgrade. Is there any way to go back to Froyo 2.2 from Gingerbread 2.3 ? I am very unhappy with the performance after applying upgrade.

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          I’m sorry to hear that your Samsung Galaxy S 4G is not performing as well as expected since your firmware update. Unfortunately, there is not a way that we can help you downgrade your firmware version back to 2.2. There are not any known issues that I am aware of as far as performance when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S 4G and Android 2.3. Can you give me a bit more detail as to when the phone is slow or unstable, so that I may try and help you get your phone running better.


          Thank you for contacting T-Force,


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            Hi sean there are many people with an issue with there sgs 4g since the gingerbread update. I to am having issues with my phone. When I try to go in the call log it brings me back to the home screen, freezing, lagging internet, battery drain, when online if i scroll to the bottom of the page it jumps back to the to of  the page, call drops, texting issuse... This update is horrible, my husbands phone is also having these same issues. This is happening even after several factory resets. T-mobile/Samsung please HELP !!!!

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              Hi Sean, The issues are phone hangs and sometimes forces to remove battery to restart.  Application force close with total blackout is very frequent. Eats battery very aggrasively, I have tried to look for running services etc. It brings some applications screen when tapped on Home screen button after few seconds of blackout. Touch sensitivity has redeuced so more mistakes while typing or doing other operations. Interruption in calls and freezes more offen. I have to keep it charging all the times to keep it fully charged though my usage pattern is exactly same before gingerbread update.  I thought that it is from T-Mobile and Samsung so update would be same quality OS as phone came with Froyo version. However, now my serious wish is to go back with what I had before gingerbread update. Thanks.

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                Okay, well it could be a number of things causing these issues. I find that the best thing to do in these instances is start with a clean slate.


                Let’s start by removing all 3rd party applications:

                1. From the home-screen press the menu button
                2. Select settings
                3. Scroll to and select applications
                4. Under the downloaded tab uninstall all the applications (temporarily for troubleshooting)
                  1. You have to do it one at a time
                  2. Some applications will not let you uninstall them and that it okay


                Next we will clear the system cache (if you follow these instructions exactly, no personal information will be lost):

                1. Turn the phone off
                2. Remove the battery
                3. Place the battery back in the phone
                4. Leave the phone off
                5. Hold the Volume Up, Volume Down and Power Key simultaneously.
                6. Release the keys when the Samsung Galaxy S 4G logo appears on the screen.
                7. Press the Volume Down key to highlight Delete Cache Data. (DO NOT SELECT WIPE DATA/ FACTORY RESET!)
                8. Press the Power key to select.
                9. The phone will display Cache Clear Complete after a few seconds.
                10. Press the volume keys to highlight Reboot System Now.
                11. Press the Power key to select.


                When the phone comes all the way on, test it out and let us know what happened.


                Thank you for contacting T-Force,


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                  I have tried the steps above and it didn't work for me or my husband. We tested it for several days. Still the same issues.

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                    I’m sorry those steps were not more help. If that did not work, the next step would be to entirely clean the phone off (Master Reset). A master reset would erase everything off of the phones memory (including system issues). This reset will not delete your SD card or SIM card, so your pictures, movies, and music are safe.


                    Before you reset your phone make sure you have backed everything you can up. Here are some instructions on how to prepare for a master reset.



                    When you are ready, here are the steps to perform a reset on you phone.



                    Thank you for contacting T-Force,


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                      I have all of these problems that the users are listing here as well.  Sometimes we are woken in the middle of the night by the phone restarting itself. 


                      We have 2 of these phones and did the update on both and just 1 of them is having these problems. 


                      I am trying these steps tonight.  Good luck to everyone else who is giving it a shot.

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                        It does not say

                        Press the Volume Down key to highlight Delete Cache Data. (DO NOT SELECT WIPE DATA/ FACTORY RESET!)


                        But it does say wipe cache partition.  Is that the option we should use?

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                          I’m sorry to hear that you are having similar issue on your device. You are absolutely right, the option to clear cache may also say wipe cache partition. Sometimes it differs a little bit based on software versions.


                          Thank you for contacting T-Force,


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                            Hi Sean, I have applied the steps suggested by you yesterday and it seems there is an improvement in performance. I think I will be able to confirm whether issues are solved or not after using phone for one week or so. Thanks.

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                              wiping cache basically wipes the app data.  a full wipe is normally suggested if you are running into problems, but it also deletes all apps, contacts, mms, emails.


                              Use google to sinc contacts, if not, you can always make a vcard. Go into contacts/menu/import/export then export to SD card.  you then can log into Google and add to your google contacts....BAM all contacts now with google.  You can wipe all you like, switch phone, whatever.  Google will always sinc back contacts.


                              Emails...well I leave copies on server so not an issue.


                              apps..... Major PITA.  purchased contact will always be able to dl again, just go to market and my apps.  the free ones will need to be searched and dl again.  There are programs that will BU for you, but the good ones require root(not good for warranty tho)


                              I have issues with my phone as well, but data related.  done full wipe many times, but no help.

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                                I did the cache wipe and so far things are working well.  No more hang ups, black screens, restarts, apps closing or problem opening apps. 


                                I did not delete 3rd party apps, I will do that if problems start up again.


                                I did NOT lose any information doing a cache wipe.  All my msgs, app data, contacts and such are all there.  I did do a backup before just in case but I did not have to use it. 

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                                  My phone has forced me to remove battery to restart again. I was browsing news.google.com  and browser was refereshing again and again then it was stopped after sometime. I opened one of the new article to read and when trying to go to home screen it gave message to force close the browser and then went black. I left phone to recover for more than half an hour but there was no recovery. I had to remove battery to restart. I noticed that browsing has become totally unstable after applying update apart from battery, lagging and screen blackout issues. Everything was smooth with original intalled version Froyo 2.2. I find it as big problem now as I may miss the important phone calls and messages.  I think the Gingerbread 2.3 update thru MiniKies is fragile and Gingerbread 2.3 build for this phone seems buggy. Please help.

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                                    Hi Sean,


                                    I tried everything butI am also facing similar issues since my upgrade. Some of the issues are

                                    1. Frequesnt shut down

                                    2. Not able to access calll logs

                                    3. Automatic restarts

                                    4. Frozen screens

                                    5. Black scren etc etc...


                                    Please help..

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