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    removing unused apps

      Is there a way to remove applications that I don't use our plan to use? There's no info in the user guide on the subject. other than this little issue, I love my springboard.

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          you can't remove the apps which came preinstalled.

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            If you plug your Springboard to your computer and install the program Huawei uses (I don't have my device with me at the moment, so I can't remember what the program is called. It's something cute sounding like Spring Me or Say Hi) it is called Hi Suite. This software is a lot like Samsung's Kies program. it will let you remove some of the programs. I removed QuickOffice Lite HD because I had a purchased copy. But it won't let you remove all programs though.


            You can also backup your files and contacts with this program.

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              YOU CANT REMOVE THE FILES ?!?!?!?


              I don't want it either and I want to eliminate them from my device. I have no need for the samples, nor do I have the desire to keep them