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    Tmobile Samsung Galaxy S2 freeze crash problem

      I just got my GS2 and so far it's been a major problem because it freezes from time to time. When this happens, the phone is super slow and could take 1-2 minutes just by going back to the home screen. The 'freeze' occurs by opening a various of apps (sometimes just by scrolling at browser to playing Words of Mouth, and yes it's addicting). I have tried terminating apps and clearing memory by going to the task manager but no avail. The memory reads around 38x/784MB when the freezing begins and around 200-300 when it's normal. Is this relatively the same for new phones?. The only way to get out of this crash is when I restart the phone (holding the pwr button for ~5 secs) and the phone returns to normal. Since the freeze occurs randomly when starting a variety of programs, I'm now limited to text and talk until I find a solution. Can someone in the community help me out?


      I'm now eager to root the phone and overclock the phone to 1.5ghz to remedy this issue. Did anyone with simliar problem found out the phone works better after rooting and/or overclocking?

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          I would suggest restoring the phone to original condition then adding one app at a time. It is more likely one of your apps is causing the problem. Rooting for the phone for just this problem is akin to throwing the baby with the bathwater.

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            I have tried a full system restore. So far so good in watching videos and browsing the web. When I ran a full benchmark on the phone (using Quadrant Standard), the result is 2860, a value far under compared to other GS2's. Also, the system process is at a whopping 420MB, increased drastically than before. Are these two statistics normal in terms of the phone's natural stability?


            I will test again by running heavy programs and see if the phone is fully functional or not. Btw, how many programs/usage does the GS2 typically handle before it starts to slow down, or crash?


            Something tells me it's not over.

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              The following program will crash galaxy S2 t mobile when combined with open two or three apps running



              Android Market


              The worst that I observed are the ffing:

              Opera mini

              Mobo player

              After using this apps you need to close it and clear the RAM


              Good luck

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                Oh wow, I can see how any freezing on the Samsung Galaxy S II would be frustrating. It is by far one of the most powerful phones on the market (and the phone I currently use).


                It sounds like you have a good understanding of your phones general function as far as the memory is concerned. That is great because it is a key to making sure you have working phone.  The tricky part to managing your memory is apps. Application are almost all 3rd party (not made by T-Mobile, Google, or Samsung) and they all use different amounts of memory.


                The best thing you can do to try and isolate the issue is the following:

                1. Uninstall all applications that have been downloaded from the market.
                2. Power cycle your phone (turn it off and then back on)
                3. Test your phone without any applications.
                  1. If the phone performs better without apps, you know it is an app issue.
                  2. If the phone still freezes the issue may be something else.
                4. Install each app you use one at a time.
                5. Test your phones function after the installation of each app.
                6. If  the phone functions worse or freezes after downloading a specific application uninstall that app and contact the application developer.

                Note: The email address of each application developer can be found in the market in the application description.


                Thank you for contacting T-Force,


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                  Thanks for all the reply. I have read and followed all your advices and they all seem to lead me to do a full system restore. I have gone ahead and complied but it still didn't remove the problem fully. As of now, the phone crashed once since the last system restore. This happened while I was just opening a textfree program and tried to view a message. The phone started to lag (closing all programs, system processes failed to work) and had to shut it down. Mind you, there was only 2-3 apps running at that time when it started. After a quick restart, the phone again returned to normal with all apps working as usual. Now I suspect this is a hardware problem than a software problem


                  These are my current installed apps:



                  Where's my droid



                  barcode scanner

                  angry birds


                  words with friends

                  quadrant standard

                  fontomizer sp with installed font pkg



                  Again, the freezing starts in a randomly period. Sometimes opening all these apps at once still functions great. The lagging seems to occur at a total unexpected pace (just by opening a few apps will trigger this).

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                    This phone should be capable of opening every single one of those apps and still function fine. Android 2.3 handles memory well and this phone has lots of it. You may be right about a hardware issue. Call T-Mobile or go to your local store and see if you can't get a replacement.

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                      Thanks for all the help. After careful consideration and research, I have decided to root the phone and mod it using Bombaridier and it is working flawlessly. The overclock to 1.7Ghz made a huge difference (benchmarked from 2000-3400fps using Quadrant) helped too. No lagging in scrolling, or browsing or playing games. Thanks again to those who contributed and happy new years everyone.

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                        I’m sorry that you had to root your phone, but I am glad that your phone it working okay.


                        Thank you for contacting T-Force,


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                          #Sean....Seriously?????? Rooting the phone should not be the answer to getting an expensive phone to work correctly. Time for a new phone gratis or a new network.


                          See http://support.t-mobile.com/thread/23201?tstart=0

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                            My boyfriend and I have so many issues since the update. We have been to countless Tmobile stores, talked to many customer service reps,Samsung etc and no one can seem to figure this issue out. The Tmobile closest to our house told us they are well aware of these issues with our phones and that they have had many complaints, as well as the fact that Tmobile is well aware of the problem but has yet to fix it.  They tried everything they could think of to fix it, but failed. They told us there was nothing we could do other than purchase a new phone, for FULL price. I am absolutely fed up with this horrendous service and we are tempted to pay the money to cancel our service.


                            Here are some of the issues I have had( and yes we have done several factory and master resets, the reps have as well):


                            -constant freezing to the point where I have to do a battery pull


                            -phone will not let me make calls, it freezes or forces a close out of the screen, this happened about a week ago when I was on my way to class ( I go to college in another city) and my car broke down. Ridiculous! I had to fiddle with my phone for 30 minutes to text my boyfriend to help me out.


                            -old messages are resent. At first this was just happening when my boyfriend and I would text each other, however now the phone is sending OLD TEXTS to several of my friends, all at once, sometimes up to 45 TEXTS at a time! Not everyone that these have been sent to have unlimited text.....absolutely not right!


                            -texts constantly fail;it doesn't matter if I'm on GMS only, GSM/WCDMA etc. The problem is always present.


                            -Low WiFi signal; literally right after the update, my signal dropped drastically. It is not my router, everything else iPad, a friends iPhone, our TV all have full bars worth of strength with fast speed


                            -bad service and dropped calls


                            -black screen with menu buttons flashing as well


                            -freezing during texts



                            We have had our SIMS replaced as well, that did not help. I also got to the point where I haven't used or installed ANY aps other than the ones that cannot be removed that came with the phone. i now use my ipad more than my phone.


                            The reps in the store have more than tried to help and we have greatly appreciated it however, it is not their fault, this issue lies much deeaper in within the company. Tmobile really needs to fix this issue ASAP. How is it fair that we are paying for a phone AND service that we cannot even use most of the time or to its full potential? If we PAY for service and a working phone, that is what we should receive. We pay insurance as well, but that will not fix the issue. Plenty have said they continue to have issues even after replacing the phone several times.


                            I am not about to pay full price for a different phone after all of this. Another customer in the various other threads about this specific topic said they were able to get a HTC sensation if they gave up their Galaxy. I've asked numerous times only to be told no.