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trouble installing tetherxp driver for USB support

Using WinXP, so I d/led the driver tetherxp.inf to enable USB support.  Each time I go to configure the driver by attaching the MyTouch Q (LG) and select "Tether...USB" from the phone wireless setup menu, follow the steps to add a driver, select the location but always get the error message 'driver software not found. not installed'.  I have done each step faithfully several dozen times, with system re-boots, registry cleaning, everyhting I can think of.. no luck.  The phone indicates a USB connection is established, but the PC never shows a new device.

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    I'm sorry you're having trouble using the USB tethering feature of your device, I know it's a great way to share your internet connection to your computer.  I have a few thoughts about what might be going on.


    1. Since the error message is "driver software not found", this means the computer doesn't see the driver.  You may want to re-download the driver to ensure there were no probems during the download.  Also, you may want to change the location of the file.  I recommend placing it on the Desktop for easy locating.
    2. USB debugging is something else that could interfere with USB tethering.  Please verify that this is disabled.  You will find it under Settings > Applications > Development.
    3. If the computer is a desktop computer, we would definitely recommend plugging the device into a rear USB port to ensure there are no problems.


    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks for trying, but your suggestions did not work.  That solution that works is to go to the LG Mobile website and d/l the driver set for this phone....  and perhaps you may reconsider the step in the T-Mobile instructions that d/ls the driver to the phone, since it does very little good there.


    Do I get 10,000 points for finding my fix?  

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    Pgoldie you are awesome!!! T-Mobile needs to get their help documentation on this fixed ASAP (and should darn well be posting a thank-you to you on here in the process).  I wasted way too much time with that inf file.  Was so happy to find your answer, and was able to download the LG United Mobile Driver from the LG site easily enough (after digging through some stuff on their page).  After downloading it, and transferring it to my Windows XP desktop, I was able to tether the desktop to my MyTouch Q quite quickly.  Again, pgoldie, thanks much - and T-Mobile support, change your documentation ****NOW***.

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    Now that this fix proved useful for somone else, I need to confess that my wife Sarah found it! (she is getting the same phone).


    I'm still slugging through other new phone issues, and undoing all the problems caused by T-Mobile "experts" at the local store....  for example, everyone I call get's Sarah's ID (because the T-Mobile plan is in her name).  How dumb is that?



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    Does Your're PC Has Bluetooth... I Am Connected To Internet Via Bluetooth On My LG Phone