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      Please answer the following:

      Does the S. Galaxy 10.1 and the SpringBoard allow you to download QuickOffice Pro so you can draft Word docs? I was in a T-mobile store to buy one or the other of the devices yesterday and the saleswoman said there was not way for me to draft documnets on the devices.


      Saleswoman: "They are for entertainment only. You can't work from them."

      Me; "Really, but they are both Andriod devices, right?"

      Salewoman: "Yes, but they do not support word processing. You can view documents but you can't draft them and then email them."


      I went to the Barnes and Noble store in the same shopping center and they were more than happy to show me how their Android device did what I needed.


      I would like to buy a T-Mobile tablet but am unsure given the sale force and it apparent lack of knowledge products, software, updates, and return policies. I have read that people have had difficulty with all of the above based on depenadance of asking the sales person and then given incorrect information. Please provide an answer to the needs and necessity of needing the use Office products on a T-Mobile tablet that has to have 3g or 4g access.