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Android Movie Studio

Does anyone know why TMobile removed the app  "Android Movie Studio" by Google.  It is an video editing program and is supposed to come standard on Honeycomb.  It is on most of the Tablets and even the Samsung 10.1 tablets at best buy, just not on T-Mobile 10.1.  It is really annoying when they do things like that.  I can understand 3d party apps not being on different carriers, but this app is made by google and is supposed to come with Honeycomb.  Anybody have any ideas?




Robert K

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    After researching this, I can't find any reasons why this wasn't included on T-Mobile's Tab. I've also noticed that there isn't a way to get it either (there are a couple of movie makers available in the marketplace, but not the Android Movie Studio).


    It may take a little bit of time, but I'm hoping I can get an answer for the reason why this was taken out - especially since the app was made for Honeycomb devices such as the Tab 10.1.