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Iphone 4s signal problem

I have been looking online and i noticed that the people who get the phone factory unlocked are the one thats expereince this signal probelm where they lose connection contently for like 10 secs. and I do not usually hear them from people who unlock the phone themselves. I really want ot get the iphone 4s but do not want to have this problem. are all of them like that or just some?


I had an iphone 4s before and returned it because of this probelm, i could not handle it. i know a friend that does not have this probelm so idk if i should get it or not

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    Hi. My iPhone 4s has same issue.


    but, you don't need to get any stress about it.


    I went to local apple store, they said unlock iphone 4s with third carrier has same problem of signal issue.


    after calling and few second low signal.


    I had gotten so much stress of it on realizing the problem issue.


    however, I reached godliness about it. -_-


    if you won't have used iphone 4s forever, it's better for you to purchase iphone 4s with unlock version.


    or waiting for iphone 5.

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    Well I am having the same problem but worse today on a factory unlocked Iphone 4s in Miami Florida, I have full bars, but then it goes low for a few seconds, but 99.8% of the time it stays with full bar. But the main problem I am having is that I would have full bars, but then no data single at all & I have a circle were the data symbol is & I can't make calls at all or do anything at all that uses data the only thing I can do on the whole phone period is text. But then if I restart sometimes once or some times two times in a row my phone I get the "E" back on my phone & then if I make a call or receive a call & talk for like a min or two no more then that it drops the call & I go back to the circle. For me this has been going on since 2pm Easteren time today (1-3-12) my question is would service be restored & should I worry about it being just my phone?

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    Your problem could just be that you don't have the right data plan that is why nothinbg that uses data works. I had the same problem just call the company and they will change it for you. Its the same price. I had the blackberry data plan and it doesn't work on the iphone.

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    I do have the right plan, I had this phone for 2 weeks almost 3 with no problems until 2PM Eastern time today

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    I would say wait a little and see if it comes back if not.. Try backing up your phone then restoring it. Maybe that'll work. Let me know if you found a way to fix it