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signal loss

just got my s2 yesterday eve (switching from ATT to TMobile) and it was working great in my home but at work I do not have signal at all! it goes form 4 bars to 1 t none and from 4G to E like anything and 90% is gone completely... I cannot place any calls!

I'm for sure in a very good signal area, my previous phone ("antique" Motorola Razr V3) was working great on ATT and my colegues (on any operator you can name) are doing great, only my s2 on tmobile (hey! I switch to you from ATT!!!) is dead....

btw, wifi, gps, bluetooth or anything else work great, only the signal is not there... so I kind of have a phone with no phone



did I get a lemon or what?!

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    If it is working well at your home it wouldn't be an issue with the device. Do you have any co-workers who have tmobile and do they have signal at your work?

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    well, let's forget about inside office, just got out for lunch and all over guys with att and sprint (iphones on both) are getting 4 bars, I'm getting 1... back to office, NO BAR!

    this is getting frustating... what's the good for "unlimited" data plan if there is no signal?! and this in the middle of DW metroplex, not out in the woods...

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    I would like to try and look into this further for you. If you would like, please private message me some information and I will try and look at the coverage in your area.

    Your name


    Your mobile number


    private message me by clicking my name and then the "send private message" on the right


    Thanks for contacting T-FORCE.

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    You need to talk to someone else who is using T Mobile in that area. That will determine if it's your phone. I had the same problem at my residence which is in a major city West Palm Beach FL. Dropped calls no signal etc. My neighbor who is also a T Mobile customer had the same problems. What was frustrating is if I went a few blocks up the road I'd get a full signal. After numourous call/complaints to T Mobile customer service and the store where I purchased the S2 they sent an engineer to my home. He determined that there was a problem with the service and even his phone dropped a call from outside my residence. A few days later he called me back and said they realigned the antenna on the tower. I guess they do that with a computer somehow. Needless to say that was a month ago and I have not had one dropped call and get the full 4 bars. It sounds like you are having the same problem.

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    thanks for adding to the discussion, but I feel u were a bit more advanced from the beginning at least u were dropiing calls, I can not have them alltogether

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    this phone is driving me crazzy! it seems that inside buildings is useless (tried inside several stores, theaters - only buidling in which it works is inside my apartment ): 4 bars outside, no signal inside; my wife's phone behaves the same... so, if you need an outdoors only phone get Samsung Galaxy S2 on T-Mobile!

    in office I brought my old RAZR V3 and it wors flawless, 2 to 4 bars all the time...


    now, I do not know (or care, actually) if it is the phone, t-mobile  or God above but basically I cannot use this... with all due respect, it looks that I'm going back to ATT!

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    problem solved: dropped my S2 in the Pacific Ocean guess the lack of signal will not affect me too much anymore... the hole in my pocket to get a replacement will though


    speaking of which, anybody knows if a tmobile prepaid phone will work with tmobile postpaid plans? a coworker is having a prepaid tmobile phone available for me to borrow...