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    4g  my touch dying on me

      My 4g has been dying on me repeated.  I've check the battery life and I had 50% battery life, but it continues to turn off by itself.  Does anyone know why...email me at dpuaoi@yahoo.com if you have an answer.

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          Does it turn itself off and then back on, or just stay off? What are you usually doing with it when it shuts off?

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            If it reboots itself after it turns off I would recommend following the information in this link. http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-2726


            If it is randomly powering off and staying off I would recommend checking the battery. Making sure it is not swelling up or cracked. Possible test another battery to see if it does the same thing.

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              I have 2 myTouch 4Gs that have both recently started doing the same thing.  Seems very coincidental.  When I opened them up, both have swollen batteries.

              Also coinsidenence is that they both recently receved the latest update from T-Mobile.

              Before this update, I never had a problem with either phone and had great battery life (as good as they can get anyway).

              Now they both suddenly need new batteries.

              This seems very strange to me and I going to be doing some extensive testing over the coming weeks.

              I have about 6 different batteries on their way from various suppliers for testing and wil posting a full report on AndroidSPIN documenting anything I find.

              I have noticed that on both phones now, that the "Android OS" is using most of the battery life in the battery stats screen.

              I still can't beleive that both phone batteries suddenly became bad at exactly the same time, overheated the batteries causing them to swell and become useless.

              If anyone else has had any issues after the latest updates with batteries, I'd be very interested to find out what happened to you.



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                One of our Mytouch 4g's did this.  It turned out to be a bad battery.  No problem since replacing it.

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                  Looks like both my phone batteries went bad at the same time...  Very strange...

                  I hope it wasn't related to the latest update.

                  I have battery samples coming in from 5 suppliers in both standard, extended normal size and extended oversized with replacement backs.

                  I've been creating a test plan and will be writing a full report on how they work.

                  Been wanting to do this for as long time and this issues with the MT4G batteries made me want to do it.

                  I'll be testing a Nexus One, myTouch 4G and The Amaze with a selecton of batteries.

                  Stay tuned for a full report on AndroidSPIN.

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                    I can tell you I believe whole heartedly that this is in direct connection with the latest system update sent by tmobile. At least in my opinion!


                    Here is what happened in my situation. My wife and I each have a HTC mytouch 4g's, she did the update and I have not, the first HTC stock battery swelled up about the third week in March 2012 (AFTER THE LATEST SYSTEM UPDATE), so I gave her my black HTC stock battery from my mytouch 4g because she was going to be on the road more then me that week and I ordered a 1550mah Anker from Amazon for my phone. Well viola just the other day her mytouch 4g just fried the second HTC stock battery (about 8 weeks later). So I now gave her my recently purchased Anker 1550 mah from my phone and just had to order another one from Amazon.


                    Now if her phone swells the Anker 1550mah in the next 8 weeks or so I'll be updating this page. I still have NOT done the system update for my phone even though TMOBILE keeps prompting me too which is extremely annoying. The reason I didn't do the update initially is because I heard on a morning radio show I listen to that the mobile carriers send out these "updates" to keep customers under contract because all of a sudden your phone(s) stop performing well after these system updates and they like to offer you the "FREE" upgrades if you extend your contract 2 years.


                    If this turns out to be the case, these people should be put in prison...lol


                    Let me know when you have the results from your test... Thanks, Harry

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                      I doubt it's any sort of conspiracy. The majority of these devices are around the same age, and these batteries just don't last forever. I had a Defy battery swell up and die recently (about the same age as the MT4Gs) and no update was involved. It's pretty silly to think companies are purposely breaking devices in order to sell new ones. They would permanently lose almost as many costomers doing this as they got to re-up their contracts. Newer phones with faster/bigger/better features net them more sales/contracts than offering early upgrades would. And if they got caught doing that, it would ruin them. Businesses don't take those sorts of risks, generally. I just don't buy this whole "corperations are all evil scammers" line. Most know that not screwing their customers gets them more profits.

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                        My phone had recently started doing the same thing - since the last update.... It will have a full charge and after I make a phone call or try to do anything on the internet it automatcially shuts off only to find that my battery is completely dead.  My boyfriend and I have the same exact phone and he never does the updates and has had no issues.I stopped by the phone kiosk while at Costco to show them what was happening and although very surprised and perplexed at the situation, they were not able to help me.  I find it odd that this is happening to so many people at the same time!  I think I will force the update on my bf's phone just to test the theory.

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                          Let me know what happens with your bf's phone when you do the update. Like I said if we are all posting here about this problem, there are probably 100's of people not posting and just buying new batteries or trading in their phones of course an extending their contract. My guess is to Jasmine that if you were to take your battery out of your phone you will see that it's a little swelled up also (feels like a little bubble in the middle of the battery). My wife’s phone swelled up 2 of the black HTC stock mytouch 4g batteries thus far, but the Anker 1550mah battery is still working fine in her phone to date, but it hasn't even been a month yet so I'll keep everyone updated here. I really hope Jaylanphx is right about corporations not being evil scammers, but this seems a little too coincidental in my opinion.


                          TTYS GUYS/GALS HARRY

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                            Yes!  the battery is swollen.  I will let you know what happens with the other phone once I perform the update on it.  Agreed.  A bit too coincidental.