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        ugarit wrote:


        How do you know it was released to Tmobile?


        Conference call awhile ago.... 


        It is very believable though that Support may have been instructed to respond to customer inquries (as wnleon referenced), but I'm sure they've addressed the Support scripts right now to be less informative.







        The updated version is v1.0.0.11084_3.

        Not famiiar with that number but it's possible it's a prepatory bugfix update...

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          When will T-mobile release the update.


          Any updates from anyone....T-mobile please release the update........

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            8/19/2011, T-mobile moderator tim says:




            So tim, it has been over 5 months since you told us to wait for the official announcement, do we have to start talking about rooting our phones to get your attention?

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              Was this answered?

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                In fairness to Tim,  I think he said they would post the announcement IF there was something official to announce.


                I can only think that the unwillingness to confirm what is is apparent - that they have no plans to release an update - comes from a perspective which says "if we announce what we are NOT going to do,  then there is an implied suggestion that we will do something for any other devices that are not denied. "


                Of course,  that would be logically flawed,  but plenty of people are looking for signs and portends and would probably be happy to draw such a conclusion.

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                  I would just go and root lol

                  Either way nothing official. Typically they would only say about when it's actually ready. Because if they say about the update and not ready by the time they say people flip out worse.

                  There are leaks that ate floating around for this phone so to be proves that they are working on it or would be no leaks of official Samsung firmware.

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                    Leaks of official Gingerbread ROMs for the Vibrant in the wild? Who has them? I thought everything out there was derived from CM7,  which they stopped developing recently for the Vibrant because of the absence of any leaks.

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                      If T-mobile would officially say they will not release Gingerbread for the Vibrant then I would say my question is answered.  If T-mobile would offically say they will release Gingerbread for the Vibrant in the future then I would say my question is answered.   If T-mobile says nothing about the Vibrant, then after enough time passes, we root.  How much time?   I'll give them to June  of 2012, then I will assume the Vibrant users are SOL and T-mobile must be suffering from major internal problems. 


                      I still like Samsung and I like T-mobile prices and plans, so most likely I will stick with them, but if you are a T-mobile employee and you know we are not getting Gingerbread, then dude, leak it somehow.

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                        The question has not been answered yet.


                        I agree with wnleon that T-mobile should take their stand. They pretty much know if they are investing any time in that ineranally.


                        So why not let it know to the public.

                        I wish they release the update as possible because now all other vibrant phones have the update except for T-mobile. They really suck in providing updates


                        They thanked their customers when the merger didn't take place but in reality they least care of their customers


                        Hope anyone at T-mobile is listening to it.....

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                          T-mobile better get an upgrade to gingerbread. If it doesn't, I see no reason to believe that it will support my next phone for the contract length I sign up for. So why should I continue with T-mobile. The fact that the Galaxy S 4G has been upgraded months ago shows that it could have been upgraded by now.


                          You got less than half a year to repair my bad taste, T-Mobile.

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                            Ahhhhh again it's Samsung that does the update not T-Mobile.

                            And contrary to popular belief they are two different phones.

                            Also this would be the same no matterwhat carrier you go to

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                              The problem with moving to another carrier over an issue like this is that you will likely encounter the same problem wherever you go. I can't find the article now,  but analysis has shown that the vast majority of Android devices in the US are at least one version behind the current OS release,  with many being two or more. 


                              It's an unfortunate consequence of several factors:


                              Google's update release policy (an average of 2 named version releases per year for the first three years), 


                              the fact that there are several manufacturers competing, and lastly


                              because in any given month there are around 10 million contract subscribers across the four main carriers whose business is coming up for grabs,  meaning the focus is on winning new business with a sparkly new array of phones to choose from.

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                                You're right that Samsung does the OS port for each device, but at some point we have to wonder why every carrier except TM (including US Cellular and C-Spire) have released a Gingerbread update for their primary Galaxy S device and yet there isn't even a single leak of the official update from TM... who were the first to release a Galaxy S variant and who probably sold the most units.

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                                  How twisted has this industry become when the companies do not keep their customers informed but provide them with a forum to discuss publicly what the companies might be doing?   I am thinking the lack of leaks shows an iron-fist rule within t-mobile that has everyone scared quiet.     Like in "Office Space",  when the guy was fired and nobody told him. A glitch in payroll allowed him to keep receiving checks, but after management learns about this, they fix the glitch in payroll, but no one was allowed to tell him he was fired so his complaints to management about not receiving checks got referred to payroll, and payroll referred him to management.    They decided to just let nature take its course.   Maybe that is what is happening to us.  We are left to just let our wheels spin when T-mobile knows the answer.

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                                    Yes, Samsung does the first part of the update to the new version. And yes it's the harder part. Then , however, at least here in the USA, the carrier adds it's own Featureware (some call it bloatware). Since neither T-mobile nor Samsung say what the status of the upgrade is (or if they're doing it at all), which part is holding up the upgrade is unknown. Hear that T-mobile? Please inform your customers.


                                    Yes, the Vibrant and the Galaxy S 4G are not exactly the same, but their differences are not much: just the encoder/decoder chip (3G vs 4G) has changed, and T-mobile's Featureware (the movie mostly). That chip means one driver change for Samsung to do, that's it. A difference they already did with Galaxy S 4G, Captivate (ATT) and Fascinate (Verizon); while the Epic (Sprint) has more differences. That said, all four have been updated already. T-mobile might be having problems with the renewing the liceinse for the Avatar movie Featureware, though. (I'd say release the update without that Featherware, if that's the holdup.)


                                    T-mobile was the first US carrier to realease a Galaxy S version, the first to update to 2.2 (in the US). It had Android's razor edge Nexus releases. "Was" and "Had" are the words here. It is now the last to update to 2.3, and no more Galaxy Nexus. When you say say "same with other carriers", it's not true anymore: T-Mobile is behind. (Well, it wasn't true easilier either, but T-mobile was ahaed of the curve; now it's behind.) T-mobile (and Samsung) need to support their nardware two years after they stop selling them, to cover all their 2 year plans peop;le have to sign into. Or give free upgrades to new hardware if they don't.


                                    T-mobile has been going down hill reasently. Which is why I'm thinking of another carrier: many iof the reasons I chose T-Mobile in the past have deminished. Hopefully they'll pick it up. Please, please, T-Mobile, improve.