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    WiFi Calling ER06: "SIM card not ready"

      I took the time today to do an Odin firmware update to get WiFi calling enabled, only to get a SIM card not ready error. 


      This is really disappointing as I asked the guy that sold me the phone THREE TIMES if I would need a new sim card with the planned WiFi update.  Each time, including the time he handed my credit card back to me, he said I was all set and that the phone had the new model SIM card.


      Is there any option to update the SIM card on the phone?

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          You need the TM9177 Sim card. The serial number is written on the sim card

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            My SIM is the TM9177. It is still show ER06 after update today!!.  What can I do?

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              I had the same error. I did chat with customer care and they took care of it.. then I got the 911 address problem. I updated my 911 address in my.tmobile.com. then everything was OK. working well.

              dont forget to ask them to free wifi calling feature to ur account.. so minutes in WIFI doesnt count towards ur plan minutes..

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                I have call tech support and  she have no clue what I am talking about. Now I still have the error ER06 "SIM card not ready", even I has used the new SIM what came with the phone. We just became T-mobile customer about a month ago, bought 2 phones GSII just because of this feature Wifi Calling. TMO seems does not care about their products and have not show to us how they can take care of their customer professionally.  Very dissapointed!!!!

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                  Hey phusa,

                  I would like the opportunity to see if I can look into this matter further for you. If you would like please private message me some info and I will do so.

                  Your name


                  Your mobile number


                  private message me by clicking my name and then the "send private message" on the right


                  Thanks for contacting T-FORCE.

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                    I got the same error but I was using my Sim card from an Samsung Exhibit II in the GalaxyIIS. 


                    I dug through the Galaxy S II box and found the simcard which had the correct number (TM9177).  The T-Mobile phone representative activated the card and prepared it for WI-Fi calling.  As the rep explained, it would take two hours, a power-off and a Wi-Fi connection before Wi-Fi calling was finally installed.

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                      After talk to customer service. They send me to T-mobile store to change to new SIM cards.  The problem is still there. Please help!

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                        I had the same "error" on my SIM card. After initially finding out my "grandfathered" rate plan was not sufficient for Wi-Fi calling, it took 2 calls to support (changing my rate plan and adding Wi-Fi calling to the account), along with an extended online support chat session, to finally get everything working. The 2nd call to support was elevated to a "higher end" of technical support, with communication that resolution would happen within 72 hours. Reality was 5-6 hours after my initial call to T-Mobile.

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                          Have the new SIM Card, connected to WiFi, but still get this message.  Any help is appreciated!

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                            The same thing happened to me..I was asked to go to the store and change the SIm card. When i did the wifi calling didnt work either..I was clueless for a day and then on the next day it started working with the new sim!!

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                              So i have the SIM card with TM9177.

                              Called T-mobile support and spoke for 45 minutes.

                              My upload and download speeds are fine.

                              So now what?? Advice... please!!

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                                Same thing happen here: Upgraded my two lines last night, bought a Galaxy S Blaze. After charging the phone overnight inserted the sims this morning and both phones gave me the same error when I tried Wifi calling. Called customer care and been transferred to different tech support and no luck. Around 11 am they ask me to go to the store to get new sims, waited for 2 hours after new sim install still not working. went back to store and replaced sim again still no luck, I think there was a problem with the new blaze phone, cause sim card will work with old phone (wifi calling) so store rep told me to return the phone from the store i purchased it from. Did that, got another set of Galaxy Blaze. Still no luck went back to Tmobile corporate store, and I ask them to try to put the sims to their floor sample (Galaxy Blaze) that didnt work either. So I think there is an issue with the new Galaxy S Blaze with wifi calling. So far Im waiting for the Engineers to call me back within 72 hours. Very disappointed to how this was handled. wasted the whole day trying to fix wifi calling on a brand new phone.

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                                  It's also imperative that your network is password protected, make sure that it is.

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                                    I just had a bunch of errors and after 2 days it DOES work.  FIRST, you do have to have the TM9177 inserted. AND you need the 911 Address (which you likely have if you got to this point) AND there may be a service update that needs to be sent to the phone by the T Mobile tech support rep.  The tech support was great, it too several calls as I ran into a few different errors, but they knew the next step and it has been resolved.  I can now use my phone in the dead spot that is my home!

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