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Mytouch Q- Is no one else having problems?

My wife and I both have the mytouch Q and we both have big problems with this device.  It constantly reboots itself.  In the middle of calls, email, various apps, sitting on the table not plugged in or anything.  I am on my second one and she is on her 3rd.  About to be 3 and 4 as we ar heading to the store to exchange them.......AGAIN.  As far as "customer support" goes.  It is clear that whatever good reps T-mobile had are gone or they have been through AT&T training already cause it is a joke.  Why should I have to pay an excahnge fee or a restocking fee when I already paid enough for a defective piece of equipment? Anyone else?

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    Have you taken a look at this article to see if you guys have tested these steps? http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-2726

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    I have had many problems with my MyTouch Q also.  I am sending my second one back tomorrow.  It didn't work when I took it out of the box.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that the third phone will work.  Thank goodness I still have my three year old faithful Samsung phone.  Otherwise I would not have a cell phone at all....  Good luck with your latest phone.

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    I am in the same boat.  It is absolutely infuriating...in fact, I just posted a discussion a few hours before yours and still have not heard from a support rep...in this T-Mobile Support forum.....ehem.  Anyway, I completely agree about customer service.  I have been a faithful T-Mobile Customer for nearly 10 years and have never had issues with their CS; in fact, I used to rave about how great it was and would try and win over new customers for them solely based on how great their CS was.  Then, after this whole AT&T merger fiasco, it was like night and day.  First off, I can never seem to get someone who speaks English as their first language which means they rarely understand my questions/issues to begin with, then they are rude, unhelpful, and don't seem to be at all knowledgeable about their policies, services, or hardware.  And the adding additional charges/fees is outrageous.  I now have to pay an "upgrade fee"??  What??  You're telling me I have to pay more for a phone that I'm already paying for in the first place??  How arbitrary is an "upgrade fee"?  The whole point of the upgrade is to reward faithful customers, right??  Anyway, TMobile has always been behind the times in their technology as far as phone choices go (in my opinion), their network coverage could definitely be better, and the only thing that kept me failthful for so long is their exceptional CS and now that that's gone, I have zero desire to stick around for another contract term.

    /rant    It's good to know that if I do end up having to trade in my practically brand new phone for another refurbished piece that I can expect even more arbitrary costs and fees to punish me because they can't make quality pieces of equipment (<insert sarcasm font). 

    Good luck with your "new" phones; I hope you can find some luck in gettng them to work better than the last.

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    I don't think T-Mobile is behind at all currently.

    You just bought a mid range device. The amaze I use is a fantastic device.

    My sister is using this phone and with general maintenance the phone runs ok.

    Need to rule out something bad happened to the phone software.

    Try removing sd card, master reset, skip the sign in and test for a few days with no apps and keeping out the sd.

    That will rule out any bad software only if the problem continues with no apps and no sd card over the next day or two then would actually be the phone.

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    I had issues with the screen going blank when I first got mine 3 months ago. I would reset the phone and hear things but nothing would show up on the screen. After about 2 weeks the problem stopped. Now I have issues with it resetting, but it is due to a buggy app - Scramble with friends. Otherwise, the phone works for me.

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    I went through this yesterday with my 3 day old LG myTouch Q. It would randomly reboot (reminder of my BB Bold) and freeze. I deleted about 15 apps to see if the problem stopped and today it has not rebooted at all on its own. I don't know which app was the rogue malfunctioning culprit but it's gone now. I have a perfectly functioning phone that I easily see surviving the next 18-22 months.