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    Unlocked Droid Pro

      I have a droid pro that Verizon unlocked for me...will this work, both data and phone in the US and Europe on. Tmobile monthly plan?  I am traveling alot and looking for the best solution. If it does not work, what would be the best unlocked phone to purchase?  Thank you!

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          Your device can be setup to work with our network for all the basic service such as phone calls, sms, and Internet. However you will only be able to achieve 2G speeds because the Droid Pro does not support or 3G/4G network.


          Now this is only if you are successfully able to get the device to do so. If you search the Internet there have been some people who were unsuccessful and getting the Droid Pro to read other sim cards.

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            Are you saying that a Droid or perhaps a Nokia can utilize 3g/4g in the states as well as similar features in Europe?  If so, does that apply to all droid/nokia unlocked models?  If so, i will purchase one and head over to T-mobile.



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              The only devices we can guarantee to work on our 3G/4G network are our Android and Nokia devices.

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                i just purchased an unlimited  SIM card from T-mobile at a nearby retail store.  Unfortunatly when I placed it in the Verizon Droid Pro that I have and converted the phone to either GSM only and/or Automatic it does not work.  Neither Verizon nor Motorola had a clue...can you help me?  Thanks!

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                  Hi there mowgli,


                  If you are not able to use data and mms feature, please go to

                  The specified item was not found. to confirm that you have the correct T-Mobile settings. 


                  If you are not able to use voice and text messaging services please let us know.


                  Thank you and have a great day!




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                    Hi, i'm traveling in Mexico. Before I left, I visited the T Mobile store to make sure the phone worked when I arrived. It is unlocked by the sort people at T Mobile, so I can use a different SIM card, but I am going to be here for a whole, i'm paying monthly on a contract that is supposed to allow me continued service. Please advise.

                    Thank you.