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    Failed text message problem

      So recently I have been encountering this problem as other people has been. I had called tech support and let them know the information i have found about this problem. But I want to post it so I make sure T-mobile gets the message of the problem. Now the problem is when the Samsung exhibit 2 4G wont send text messages more then 160 Characters in CDMA format splitting them up automaticaly as they send. Causing an annoying problem where we have to send 160 characters at a time or the text wont send.


      Now Recently this problem been happening when using the 4G network (WCDMA) When I switch over to the Edge (GSM) networok it will send the text message more then 160 characters at a time... however I do not know if this problem is with the phone or with network towers... All i know is it works with Edge and not with 4G I hope this problem is fixed soon because I want to use the 4G network to send my text messages more then 160 Characters.


      Please someone from t-mobile reply so I know you are getting this post and looking into fixing the problem!

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          Good info, very thorough.


          Have you tried using a 3rd party SMS app (to verify its not a phone issue with the stock messaging app?)  You can try Handcent SMS, ChompSMS, etc.

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            You should know that many people, myself included, are experiencing a different type of texting problem with this handset.  Theres another thread on it but it might be related.  When we receive a p hoto attachment with a text, it comes in blurry.  One rep said the problem was fixed but a subsequent rep said it is an issue that has been forwarded to engineering.  I too am having this problem (along with a host of other problems with this handset).  Do you have any way of communicating with customers to let them know what is going on and.or when the problem is resolved?  Doesnt seem fair for people to be having problems with a basic service as texting and be left out in the cold so to speak.

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              Is the pic only blurry in the mms or even after you save it to sd?


              Have you also tried a 3rd party sms app to test this?


              Are you on current software and have you attempted a factory reset?


              I'm not aware of this from experience but these are all things worth considering.

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                Ive just gotten the phone back from Samsung Repair.  If I do another factory reset, Im getting an iphone and leaving TMobile. 


                The blurry pic was something that I received - not sent.


                My main problem in addition to this is the phone keeps randomly turning itself on and off.  I sent it in for repair- they refuse to tell me what they found or did - and it keeps happening.  This evening it kept turning on and off for half an hour before it just as mysteriously stopped.  (a few weeks ago, it went on for four hours before I just gave up) Making this handset unusable and my first Android experience probably my last


                I spoke to a Tmobile rep on live chat about the text issue - which many people are complaining about on another thread- and they said it was a handset problem and I needed to call Samsung.  I called Samsung and they told me they could not help me as this was a network problem and I had to call Tmobile.,


                Those 2 conversations pretty much sum up what Ive been going thru the last 7 weeks now with this phone.  Reset, Reset, Reset.  Tmobile blame Samsung - Samsung blame Tmobile.  Both companies reps promising things and never following though. 

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                  Nobody said anything about sending messages.


                  My other questions seem more relevant than what you have been advised thus far...or not advised thus far, I guess.


                  Since your other issue is of larger importance, have you experienced this issue before you:

                  signed into gmail or any other accounts?

                  downloaded any applications from the market or other places?

                  removed your sd card and still had the issue?


                  It's recommended to go 72 hours after a reset with no apps, account or sd card.  add one thing every 72 hours and if the issue resurfaces you can very easily isolate the culprit.  You will likely find that something being added to the phone is causing the issue or that you may need to look towards replacing the phone itself. 

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                    I understand but neither TMobile or Samsung will replace the phone.  (Even though Tmobile rep promised to.  Samsung wont even tell me what they did to 'repair' it.)  Thats why Ive said Ill probably end up having to go to another OS - probably Apple.  Too many problems with Android.  Even Google Support emailed me a link to a 'known issues with Android market' because of so many problems with all their stuff.  Ive only downloaded well reviewed, very popular apps - only from Android Market.   I have signed into Gmail as I have to do that when I first get/reset phone to load my contacts at a minimum.  I believe issue started before an SD card was ever installed since its been going on since I first got the phone.  Not being a technical person, just was wondering if this is a 'sign' of something.  Ive spent nearly two months troubleshooting various things.


                    I understand what youre saying but this is getting to be too much hassle to just have a working phone.  My gut is telling me its not a single app, but something bigger going on...especially since I get screen freezes daily just by swiping to another home screen and the turning off/on thing happens often when the phone isnt even in use and no apps are open.  I havent downloaded an app and suddenly crashed or suddenly had the problem develop.  Im downloading apps that have millions of downloads and 4.0+ reviews- not obsure apps or 3rd party sites.


                    But thanks for the suggestions.

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                      I have observed two things first hand multiple times each.


                      The account we put into the phone causes issues




                      Apps we download and never even open cause issues.  Like highly rated task killer apps that are known to cause freezing and stopping OTAs from arriving.


                      That being said, you said you've troubleshot for two months but if you have master reset even once on the phone with someone the things I'm giving as what may seem to be suggestions are what you should have been initially advised. 

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                        Well I dont have a task killer except for the task manager that came with the phone (No external app).


                        The 'support' Ive received has been poor at best.  I converted from postpaid to prepaid and those outsourced reps have been a joke...and Samsung reps have consistently provided inaccurate and false information.  Ive done probably 4-5 factory resets and also went to the TMobile store and had them erase my SD card.  Lost count of soft resets.  Samsung's troubleshooting is limited to reset the phone...thats their answer for everything.  Over and over again they provided me with wrong answers to basic questions, which I got answered online.


                        I would have hoped that if I sent it in for repair, they would diagnose what is wrong and tell me.  I also thought Carrier IQ was designed to help with these types of issues. 


                        I cant say for sure if its an app or not.  My gut tells me its not- it feels like an overall issue.  Theres been no consistency either on what causes the problem to start, how long it lasts, or what makes it stop (if it does).  It just seems like something gets 'stuck' and then it just gets into this eternal cycle of turning off and on...  When its happened the last couple of times, it started with a simple screen freeze when swiping home screens and then when I try to turn the phone on - it happens.  But a few nights ago, it just started out of the blue in the middle of the night.


                        Ive also always had screen freezes and have been told from day one to take the battery out...Thats been going on since day one before any apps or sd card.  First few days I kept getting something called Ramdump error.  So I dont know.  Those screen freezes and blank screens happened from the beginning. 


                        I appreciate your suggestions...and it seems the only solution is to not use any apps...And I dont really think I want to pay for a smartphone and use it as a feature phone.  (One rep told me the only apps you should put on your phone are Samsung or Tmobile apps...Thats not very realistic...and doesnt explain the other preloaded apps that you cant delete)


                        Do you think it can have anything to do with the phone's processor?

                        What do you mean by the account we put into the phone causes issues?  What issue would it have?  Do you mean like a virus or something? 

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                          I've seen where random reboot, freezing and other crashing issues go away when not using the email accounts.  Could be some kind of corrupt data in the account, I'm not suggesting virus, maybe a strangely formatted contact makes the issue. 


                          If you have not attempted using your phone in the manner I suggested, I feel you are doing yourself great injustice.


                          Also nobody ever said never use apps, refer to the 72 hour guideline mentioned.


                          Not everyone needs to troubleshoot on a 72 hour interval with apps, accounts and sd cards but not everone has these issues.  When you have a 'different' issue troubleshooting differently is sometimes appropriate.

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                            I understand what youre saying but if youre saying it could be related to the Gmail account or a contact, that just makes it impossible to diagnose.  (You didnt but Samsung did say not to use any apps that werent developed by them)


                            Its happened again twice in the last 24 hours.  The screen freezes - I take the battery out - Then try to power up the phone and it just gets stuck in this endless loop of off/on off/on - tonight it went on for an hour and I finally was able to call voicemail and that seemed to interrupt the cycle.  I dont undestand whats going on.  And I really dont think it has to do with an app only because I dont remember the phone ever not doing this.


                            I just dont have months to waste on installing an app every 3 days and making this a part time job.  And I cant be deleting contact names.  That's why I sent it in for repair - I would think technicians who work on these phones daily would be able to diagnose something like that better than I can.  Or I hoped that this problem was something more eaisly diagnosable.  Just the fact that the screen freezes daily is a problem...and it doesnt seem to freeze in an app or anything - it freezes just trying to swipe homescreens.  Forget for a second the neverending cycle of turning off/on - I dont think a 'quality' phone should freeze every day...thats just not normal.  And Im not even a 'heavy user' 

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                              I wouldn't disagree that its a frustrating thing to do, but I think you have to weigh out the options.


                              You could reset, and try the process... or you could keep the phone in its current condition. 


                              I think it'd be more work to try the process we talked about but the benefit would be that you can make your phone stop misbehaving (or at least verify if your account/etc is the issue or not).

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                                I understand what youre saying but I dont think its an app causing it.  I mean it freezes constantly  just by trying to swipe a home screen.  I think Im gonna leave Tmobile since thats what your own reps told me to do and get an iphone.  At least if there's a problem someone will be there to help.  Tmobile and Samsung unfortunately provide no support.


                                Sent phone into Samsung for repair and they refuse to tell me what they did or what they found wrong.  So what was the point? Also the battery doesnt hold a charge.  I go to sleep at 100% and wake up at 30% - and  thats with no data or wifi connection.   Samsung keeps telling me thats not normal either...I hate to think what it would be like with data or actually using the phone.  Its just proven unusable on all fronts. Friends with iphones dont report any of these issues.  I dont know if its TMobile, Android, Samsung or a combination but I cant be worrying about being able to make a phone call when I rely on the phone for life and death. Im barely using it and it is causing this many problems.  And like you said, the problem could lie with the Gmail account or a contact and then Ill never be able to diagnose it.  Anyway, I think Samsung should be doing the diagnosing when I send the phone in.  But thanks for your suggestions; although it may not seem like it, I do appreciate it.  Sadly youve been more helpful and caring than all the 'professional' TMobile reps Ive dealt with combined.

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                                  Glad I could at least give you some help.

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                                    So is it safe to say that this issue is still unresolved?? I just got my phone approximately 8 days ago and it's my first android/smartphone and the failed text messages is annoying and a big problem. I never had this problem with my samsung gravity...

                                    Any other suggestions?? Please "dumb down" your lingo for the technically challenged... lol...thanks

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