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    SLOW 4G Speeds On SGS2!!

      Hey guys, I just recently got the samsung galaxy s2 less then a month ago and im already experiencing problems with data connectivity, slow download speeds, slow upload speeds, unable to send texts and lags while charging. I am most concerned about the data connectivity, slow download speeds and my text messages being unable to send. Does anybody know what is wrong? I used to have the LG G2X and that puppy was fast at download speeds and always sent my messages! If you have any idea what might be the problem please answer!

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          LG G2x is gargabe compare to the s2....try to go to the store and exchange it. Or your signal my just be bad in your area...My S2 is fast and responsive, never had any problem since day 1

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            I doubt that is my signal coverage. I have full bars at 4g signal. I think its the phone itself! I cant go back and exchange it, no warranty on phone.

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              Even I have 4 bars of signal at my work location... I experience problems with data connectivity almost 60% of the time. 4 bars of signal doesnt equate to better data connectivity, atleast that what I have noticed.


              When I am not in my work location(very populated area), i usually see download speeds more than 8mbps. In your case, can you check if u see if the phone is functioning normally in some other places?

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                I'm sorry to hear that you are seeing slow data speeds and messaging issues on your Galaxy S II. User

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                  in some locations is seems to be good at times. only when it wants to be. When i try to use the youtube app i get Network error problem. I do use another app for my messaging and both fail at times. I never experienced this problem with my Lg g2x phone. Yea my s2 might be faster and better but if the network connection does not work as well den its not worth it. I cant ever see more den 2 mbps on this phone! upload speeds under 300 kbps anywhere!

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                    With this issue occouring universally, with no bearing on your location, and knowing that the services worked fine in your G2x, there may be an app that has been downloaded to the device or even a preinstalled app that is malfunctioning and triggering these problems for you. My recomendation at this point is a reset of the phone and testing it for a couple of days without adding any apps in. Here is a link that includes backup instructions prior to the reset:




                    Please let me know if this resolves the problem.


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                      this started happening the second day i got the phone.. no apps were installed on till about a week ago. And yes the network problem does happen universally. I will try a reset and go on from there.

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                        I have a LG G2x (p999).. I just added a Galaxy S2.. I know where the best 4g signals are,I've had a Tmo 4g phone for over a year..


                        I also know thesignal and download speeds I get with the LG.. consistant 8-10Mb with anywhere inside or out from 3-4 bars and occasional 12-13 with 5..


                        The signal strength is great everywhere..with a few well defined dead areas..


                        The Galaxy no so much.. the antenna in the Samsung is definately inferior to the LG on data or GSM

                        Places I get 4bars and 4g with the LG, I get EDGE with the Samsung


                        SIDE BY SIDE


                        From day on (about 2 weeks) the Gs2 has deliveres the very same speeds, only in fewer locations.. I have found only two areas around SF that I can get 5bars on the Samsung, and most places the LG gets 5bars the Samsung gets 3


                        The Samsung has proven to be a dissapointment in speed.. supposed to run on the "fast" 4g network, (full coverage in my area).. it mangages no better than the LG.. on two occasions on the last week , in an area with 5bars I rand 5 successive SpeedTests.. all were 8-9Mb.. with one at 14.59Mb and one at 12.17MBps..


                        I went to the Tmo store and had them call tech (refuse to wait forever on hold) and had them reprovision the line..

                        Changed the SIM card.. no change..


                        $300 for an nice media player that has an equilzer on the stereo-bluetooth. but other wise the phone is overrated


                        Keeping the LG because I have no phone service in my house.. and use WiFi calling.. as reported the Samsung none

                        got 3weeks to return it..


                        The Nexus Prime is comming to Verizon later the month.. think I will look there..


                        Oh yea, speaking of WiFi.. SpeedTest on WiFi with both phones is 22Mbps.. no improvement with the "fast" phone.


                        Dissapointing, I really like this phone.. but its overpriced for how it performs.. probably the Tmo network.. so I am going to look arround

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                          im guessing your not rooted....or you have a defective device...the LG G2x is not in the same playin field with this phone. The Nexus prime only has a better screen..the processor on the S2 is faster...But I do want the prime but not with Verizon...Im going to have to pay 750 for it.

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                            Good guess. Seems stupid to buy a new phone an root if for no reason..

                            Its a tool not plaything

                            The LG has its flaws but it is fast. Quadrant is not far behind the GS2


                            Nothing has changed, if anything it got worse.. did the firmware updat and have WiFi calling.


                            I forgot to mention "upload-speeds" lo .32Mbpd average 1.07... this is with 5-bars, in a great signal area..did about 40 tests in the last three days, BEST download 11.77 Mbps.. WiFi now delivers only 16.97 Mbps from my 300 N router but at least a 400 Mbps upload..


                            Went to Stonestown Plaze.. tested In the Mall, Verizon Nexus, At&t Skyrocket, and Sprints GS2

                            all with 5-bars, all 4-g (Verizon LTE).. all ran in the 18-20 Mbps range with 300+ Mbps uploads..  BEST was the At&t Skyrocket a 24 Mbps..

                            these are speeds I get with my LG G2x on WiFi..


                            Either this phone is **** or the Tmo network is ****.. I didn't want anything to do with At&t but I don't want a CDMA phone .. but I am not going to speed $300 for this pig..

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                              Oh yea, I even did a Factory Rest.. no apps but the Tmo bloat

                              NO DIFFERENCE

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                                I probably should have updated this sooner..


                                Swaped out the original GS2.. the replacement gets consistant 12.7 to 13.7 Mbps down and 1.7 Mbps up

                                Obviously I had a bad phone..


                                I have had two tests at 14.8 and 15 Mbps with 5 bars..


                                In Sf, western suburbs s, Twin-peaks and Glenn park


                                got 12.5 down inside Kiaser hospital on Gery..

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                                  When I looked at the signal on my first phone in the Tmo store, both the store display G2x and Galaxy S2 had 5 bars.. my phone had 2-3..

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                                    how did u swap it out???

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