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    Why is the T-Mobile site so SLOW?

      I don't know if this is the right place for this, but if not perhaps someone can re-route it.


      I have been trying for several HOURS now to pay my bill online.  I have logged into my account several times (each time I change pages it asks me to log in again).  When I get to "Make a payment" the system grinds to a halt ... the little wheels continue to go around but my systray indicator shows no data transfer and the payment window never comes up.  Today I am impatient and have not waited more than about 30 minutes before giving up - but on previous occasions I have left it OVERNIGHT and it still didn't come up.  This is an ongoing chronic problem, not a one-time occurrence.


      I am on dialup (nothing else available out here in the boonies except a satellite system I cannot afford) so I'm used to slow sites, but this is extreme and out of line with everything else I experience.  It is also very annoying to have to log in over and over although I am in fact already logged in to the site - and yes, I know that My T-Mobile and the Community are separate logins - at the moment I am supposed to be logged in to both, but in fact My T-Mobile logs me out every time I shift over to a Community page.  It seems to me the internal integration of the site needs a little work.


      Anyway, since I CANNOT pay online as I would prefer to do (and have done in the past, on the rare occasions when the "Make a payment" window actually comes up), what to do?


      Quite apart from the problem with payment, the T-Mobile site is several times SLOWER than any other site I have encountered.  How come?


      Thanks for enlightenment,