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Do you think T-mobile or Samsung is to blame for defective Sidekick4G?

Really T-mobile can only do so much albeit, they really haven't. Maybe because they thought the update would fix most problems? Honestly, as a consumer we only know the problems that we have. On a larger scale, I wonder how many of the new sidekicks are experiencing problems? I'm pretty sure the figured the update would fix it all and now they are just waiting to get some more figures in on what to do next. Honestly, I think both sides should admit there is a problem with the phone and give us more information on what they know. Not that it would help, but just to let us know that they know there is a problem and are working towards resolving it. I think what we should do as consumers is continue letting them know the issues and supporting eachother for now.

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    How many of you have tried contacting Samsung? I know I have. I kindly told tell lady what issues I was having and asked her to file a formal complaint. Don't be mean when doing it just do it!

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    I can assure you that they do know that there is a problem, and have started working on updates.  However, tmobile is not Samsung, they are the ones that manufacture the phones, not T-Mobile.  On a side note, the issues with the device are software related, this means that if you exchange the phone, you are going to get another one with the same software, which means you will still have the same problems.  Samsung is not currently offering another device, in place of the sidekick.  The biggest issue I have with the device, is when people say that they had issues with the phone since they got it.  There is a buyers remorse period for a reason, if I had an issue with a 10.00 dollar toaster I would return it, let alone a 400.00 dollar phone.  Samsung is working towards a resolution, and they were not aware of the issues during beta testing, Samsung makes updates, not T-Mobile, they only approve the update if it helps resolve the issue. Currently I would recommend before making a purchase with a pricetag of a smartphone, that research be done on the device first, there are always google links on the devices, BEFORE they are released. Sidekick 4g is a huge fail, but unfortunately, reps don't have an option of replacing them, because you would get a phone with the same issues, and most likely it would be refurbished.

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    Remorse period...haha. I got gyped by that. 15 dollar fee to restock SUDDENLY jumped to 50 bucks in those 14 days. The rep didn't even warn me. So when policy changes like that happen, do the reps get a heads up or just see a memo one morning saying "by the way, we're charging more to restock now?" It would have cost me 150 dollars more to pick a phone that was only slightly better. Oh well, I'm just stuck with this phone until 2013.


    Anywho, it's mainly Samsung's fault this phone blows. I don't know what they did with the processor, but the kernel is so hard to code for. The guys at XDA have such crazy problems compiling code. Devices like the keyboard and camera are defined in crazy ways in the code, etc.


    I'm not letting Magenta off the hook completely though. They get the phones, updates, everything once Samsung finishes it. They test it and green light the release. They should have redflagged this phone off the bat.

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    I didn't have a choice with this phone and yes it sucked from the jump. I had the MyTouch Slide 3G and that phone blew donkey... and after the 6th handset replacement they didnt have anymore because it was phased out. ergo visa vee I got stuck with a FREE UPGRADE and was tossed this piece of **** phone! they wont help at all with the issues. they dont offer anything to their customers. they need to replace our phones and write this off as a huge loss. that would be the right thing. this phone need to be recalled! its the worse ever!

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    The problem is exclusively samsung's.  They make great hardware and AWFUL Software.  Touchwiz is the absolute worst thing that could be done to android.  I don't care how pretty that make it, or what features they add, they are irrelevant if the device doesn't even work properly as a phone.  Uttrerly useless.  I will not ever buy another samsung if it has touchwiz on it. It is so bad, I don't even think Cyanogen, who is working for them now, can fix it.

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    The problem is Samsung. Ive had this phone for 4 months. Ive already replaced it once and the problem was never solved. They should really have a page dedicated to what problems are currently known. The update did fix a few things, but its still a pain to open up any texts messages. It would open one then close out messaing, or when it opens it would back out to the original messaging page. And when it does work, it would open up the wrong one half the time.


    I think they should indeed cut the phone and give out free upgrades for the users who do have them. I mean, Samsung did want to give the Sidekick a new face while still giving it the original look and feel of a Sidekick. I have been a Sidekick user with Tmobile for a while but the original Sidekick LX (2008) was much better then the Sidekick 4G. Yes, the phone looks cool and such but the problems are still pretty large and it took then over 3 months to apply the patch after i received my replacement phone. If its going to take that long they should indeed cut their losses and let Samsung work on all the kinks before they release a phone.

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    I have had it with this device.  I am a former owner of a Samsung Behold II, on which touchwiz screwed up android so badly, even samsung abandoned it. 


    Here I am, with a completely stock Sidekick 4g, that has never worked right.  The screen continues to do random things, most often when you try to answer it and actually use it as a phone. This phone has been out for at least 8 months, it still doesn't work right and samsuck still cannot fix it?  After 8 months?   This phone will never see gingerbread, let alone ICS.  Just like my behold II it will be abandoned by samsung.


    I have reached my limit of patience with this.  I am never buying samsung again.  Nothing.  Not tv's not Fridge's, nothing.  And I am seriously reconsidering continuing my relationship with t-mobile since they get devices that appear to have no quality control.


    I would call support but considering there is NO FIX  and the best they can do is send me a refurb that will have the same problems, it is pretty pointless.   I have 4 lines with t-mo and have been with them since 2001.  Perhaps a call and complaint to the Better Business Bureau and the FCC will be in order.  Maybe that can get me somewhere because I don't see any other alternative.

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    I think it's both T-Mobile's and Samsung's fault. Samsung for knowingly putting a HIGHLY Glitchy device on the market with a Major Carrier and T-Mobile for pushing that device on their customers especially as a "Warranty replacement" to a phone (Mytouch 4G) that came out less than a year before my exchange took place.


    This is technically the most annoying phone I have ever owned since I've been with T-mobile.  It seems the Sidekick 4G was built to not work exactly when I need it to work. And being that T-Mo clearly knows this based (how can they not) they are to blame equally for shafting their loyal customers with such a malfunctioning device.


    Give me the option to add some $$ to the amount of the crappy phone so that I can get the phone I want. But no, it doesn't work that way. And now, I'm stuck with a phone that can make the most patient person in the world annoyed and frustrated.


    T-Mobile and Samsung are to blame Equally.

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    ARE YOU BLAMING EVERYONE WHO BOUGHT THE PHONE FOR NOT RETURNING IT??? Therefore, it is our fault that you guys sold a horrible phone and are not doing anything about it?  Haha this is why I am leaving T-mobile.  You guys are absolutely horrible... its just unbelievable.