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    Nokia S60 Wifi-calling/UMA settings expert needed (for E5, similar to E73)




      I recently received a Nokia E5 unlocked GSM phone. This is a S60 v3 phone, very similar to E73. I swapped the SIM from my blackberry to the Nokia E5 and ran the Nokia wizard which setup almost everything correct on the E5 for T-mobile. MMS works fine, Internet works fine, Wifi works well.


      The only feature I have not been able to setup is UMA/Wifi calling.


      The signal quality around my house is rather poor and my wife, who is with Verizon, used to make fun of me until I got the BB with UMA. I would love to get the UMA working on the E5.


      I contacted Nokia to ensure that this feature was possible on the E5. This is their response:



      In response to your concern, we would like to inform you that the Nokia E5-00 device supports UMA access. However, please be advised that the UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) feature is Operator dependent. We suggest that you contact your current network provider for further assistance.


      With a UMA-enabled dual-mode Wi-Fi handset, you can automatically roam and handover between cellular and Wi-Fi access, e.g. by using the cellular access when outside the office or home and by switching to the Wi-Fi access when under Wi-Fi coverage. When the Wi-Fi connection is available, the UMA handsets connect to UMA Network Controllers (UNC) via secure connections by using the IPsec VPN tunneling.


      For more information, kindly follow the link provided below for the list of supported devices.





      The challenge is now, how do I set this up for T-mobile similar to the E73. According to one of the forums I need T-mobile root certificates and perhaps T-mobile has some links that can help me in the right direction.


      Thank you I appreciate your time to help


      I would love to show my wife that T-mobile with UMA beats her Verizon coverage. Help me! Thanks!