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Exhibit 4G shutting off randomly

I have been having problems with my Samsung Exhibit 4G shutting off for some unknown reason. The only way to restart the phone is to remove and replace the battery. I have posted this problem here, chatted with TM customer support, and called TM customer support. I have gotten several different causes for this problem from customer support. Some say it is a software problem, some say it is a third party app problem ( impossible = no apps downloaded ), and  one stated it was not possible to be a software problem that it was device failure of some sort.

I am now on my 3rd phone, and 2nd battery, 4th factory reset. Just got 3rd phone yesterday. Reinstalled phonebook and set up wifi calling as I live in an area with a weak signal. Wifi calling was the main reason I choose T-Mobile and this phone. I just woke up and I will again remove the battery so I can turn phone back on. Is it something I am doing wrong that may be causing this problem? Or is this phone and/or service not up to doing what I need to do? Someone please help with this ? Don't know what else to do.

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    I have had mine for  weeks, weak signal at the house so I use the wifi alot; I also have only the 200 meg per month plan, so wifi is used most of the time.  My wife and I both have them.  One night they both shut off.  don't know why, but that was the only problem so far.

    Is battery dying?

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    I have had mine for a couple months now. I have noticed it has just started shutting off randomly. I'm not sure what the cause is but it is increasing in frequency. Let me know if you get any resolution. I'll do the same.

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    I apologize you are having so many issues with that device. At this point there are no known issues that the manufacturer has communicated to T-Mobile. I would recommend contacting Samsung directly.



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    I walked through some troubleshooting steps with Samsung. After a couple of tries, they suggested reseting the phone to factory defaults. This loses and information stored on the phone so be warned make a back up first. You also have resynch any lists, download any apps and set up any accounts you had set up previously. Basically the phone is returned to out of the box condition. I first was walked through a soft reset through the phone software. This did not work (didn't help still randomly shut down). Then I was walked through a hardware reset bascially catching the phone as it powers on. This seems to have done the trick. So far so good. Good luck to you and hope this helps.

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    I finally figured out this problem on my second exhibit (the first replaced under warranty with the same problem). It was the battery. The battery had swelled, perhaps from overheating. The swelling made it lose contact with the phone randomly and eventually also made it hard to close the cover.

    I purchased a new phone battery for about $11 from Amazon. The phone works perfectly again now.