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  • 15. Re: Rocket says connected with no internet access

    1) the actual model of your data stick:
    It's the Rocket 2.0 capable of 4G speeds


    2) the actual version of the connection manager currently installed in your PC:
    Version 2.05 although I have stopped using the connect manager as connecting
    through Windows seems to go faster and automatically.

    3) actual version of firmware on the datastick

    It says: "Harrier R1 .2.8P4 rev: CL376299 with 0..."


    4) actual OS being run in your PC
    Windows 7 64-bit.


    When I am using the T-Mobile datastick I do not have other connections running.
    My wifi card is switched off.


    No, I do not get popups about other networks.


    Have you installed any new virus software? No

         Have you installed any new firewall software?  No

         Have you had any changes to your existing firewall or virus software? No

         Have you installed any other connection manager software (other than the T-Mobile one)
    No, but I use whatever connection manager Windows 7 uses. Using the T-Mobile connection manager
    did not improve the connection dropping.



    Has there been any change in the signal strength? No. The signal strength is typically between 2 - 5 bars
    on the icon indicator.


    If you use it in multiple locations does the problem follow you or is it a location based issue?
    I can't be sure if it follows me because I'm usually on for shorter periods of time when I travel.
    I did not appear to have a problem on my last trip simply looking up Google Map directions.

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