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    HTC Amaze vs MyTouch Slide


      Ok so I'd like to hear from ppl who have the Amaze to see how they like it? I really like the look of it and how it apparently has the "most advanced camera of any smartphone". I thought the MyTouch Slide had the best camera? What do you think?

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          HTC Amaze 100%... here's a link to my reply to Jim who asked the same question, but vs the Samsung Galaxy S II.



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            Hey great question!

            The Amaze is a fantastic phone! At the time the MyTouch Slide was released it did have the best camera on the market, but as technology changed the HTC Amaze now has best camera. You will absolutely love the Amaze! Let me know if you have any specific questions on the phone and I will be happy to answer those for you!

            Here is a link to the Amaze's product page on T-Mobile.com: http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/Phones/cell-phone-detail.aspx?cell-phone=HTC-Amaze-4G-Black



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              I have the Amaze and my fiance has the MyTouch 4G Slide (we got them at the same time).  Both phones are nice and quick (my isolated issue aside) and both feature the exact same camera hardware though the Amaze has a few new software features.  If you like keyboards, then obviously the Slide will get your nod but I'm not a huge fan of the keyboard on it.  She came from an original Droid and we both found it was easier to type on.  However, on the Slide's plus side, the battery life is superior to the Amaze's- pack your charged if you get the Amaze.  The build quality on the Amaze is second to none though and you get more screen real estate and increased resolution.  Both are solid phones and they run slightly different versions of HTC's Sense as well with the Amaze being standard Sense 3.0 while the Slide has Expresso.  .

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                I agree with the summary from jtothej - I have used both phones extensively over many months and it really comes down to whether you like/need the physical keyboard. 


                The cameras are comparable with a few extra camera bells & whistles added to the Amaze version but in most ways identical.  I have pretty much replaced my DSLR for spur of the moment photos since using the myTouch this summer as both of these cameras produce such impressive image quality, and can be tweaked to accommodate a lot of different lighting/exposure/location circumstances.


                Screen size is a key difference also so if you need/prefer something huge or want to play more graphic-intensive games then the choice is clear.


                Hope this was helpful - feel free to pose additional questions because most of us have used these phones in a lot of different scenarios and we can probably help you make your decision if you are still thinking which way to go...

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                  I'm weary about getting a phone without a physical keyboard since I've had a phone with one for so long. I've tested out a friend's iphone and they screen pad felt really good and i barely made any mistakes. I'm not certain all touch screens are the same or if some do a better job of recognizing where you're finger is hitting or not.


                  What's the Amaze camera's megapixel? I'm really interested in the camera features since I'll probably be using this as my only digital camera as well. I do like that it has the sweep shot panarama feature, that's awesome.


                  Thanks again!

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                    Both the myTouch Slide and the Amaze have an 8 megapixel camera and include the sweepshot feature. 

                    If you do go with a phone that has touchscreen only, i can say that based on hearing about the experience from many different customers that there is a bit of a learning curve, so depending how much you use your phone it could get used to it in a matter of days or it could take a week or more to really have your fingers adapt to the pressure, keyboard location, phone layout, etc.


                    There is a 14 day return period for anything bought in a store so you could always get one and if you decide it's not the right one for you, take it back and swap out for the other one.

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                      If you haven't already seen this deal posted on here, new customers can get..


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                      So if you go through this it'll give you some more time to figure out if the phone is for you, which ever one you decide. I would personally go for the Amaze.

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                        Is the waived activation in your deal only for new customers as well?

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                          Great question!

                          As an existing customer you are not charged a 35$ activation fee so the waived activation fee would not apply. The deal sparkies posted is specific to new customers, but we also absolutely value our loyal customers and we would be happy to ensure you get the best deal possible as well!

                          Please let me know if you haver further questions!


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                            Thanks. Would new line's count toward waived activations?

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                              Absolutely! New lines would definitely qualify for the waived activations!

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                                Ok awesome, thanks!

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                                    Thanks for posting!

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