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        I ended up with a warranty replacement.

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          My G2 all of the sudden started having this problem yesterday.  It happened a few times throughout the day and then this morning I couldn't hardly keep the phone on long enough to check my email.  I found this thread and disabled wifi and it seems to be ok.  I didn't install any new apps yesterday, but a couple of them did update.  Seems like since then, it hasn't worked at all.  I don't want to go through the hassle of factory resetting my phone - is there anything else to do?

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            Maybe I should have done this first before posting, but during one of the resets I was able to get in and turn off the wifi.  This seemed to stabilize the system and it worked fine.  I decided to go back and turn on the wifi, and now it seems to be working ok.  I am using ADW as a launcher and had wifi calling turned off.  I turned wifi calling back on and still no problem.  Not sure where the root of the problem lies.

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              I started having this problem this weekend. Customer service ran me through the usual hoops, ending in a factory reset, which didn't help.


              Anyone else have any other ideas?

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                I have the same problem and it started today.  Already did both soft and hard resets as well as clearing the cache.  Posting for potential updates.

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                  Just as an update - Resets, in-store and phone tech support resolved nothing. Even rooting my phone and installing CM7 didn't solve the issue. Seems like a hardware issue at this point.


                  HTC offered to take a look at my phone, but wouldn't tell me how much it would cost, and said that it would be a minimum of $40 just to look at it. No thanks.


                  The best "advice" T-Mobile had was "You're only a couple weeks away from an upgrade. Just get a new phone."

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                    That kind of answer is why I am now a Verizon Wireless customer.  VZW is now cheaper than T-Mobile and VZW has a better phone selection.  I hate these cycles where a provider is on top at one point and then on the bottom the next time.  I'm now on a Droid Razr Maxx.

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                      LOL, the RAZR MAXX ICS update doesn't allow ICS to force stop bloatware and my friends phone is overheating to the point where the temperature warning is coming up because of it.  The phone literally just got screen shot capabilities.


                      Then on their new phone, the Galaxy S3, locked and encrypted bootloaders. If you so much as talk about rooting on the Verizon forum, mods completely censor your opinion. No thanks on that useless cdma device with authoritative mods, I'll stick to this carrier.

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                        I have the same WIFI issue with my G2. I see that it's been a while since you posted this comment. Has the problem come back or did the downgrade fix it completely?

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