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        Why do you think the phone is the problem if it worked before the hurricane and not after?  Did you leave your phone out in the storm?

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          No I did not leave the phone out in the storm. After the storm I have no service in the same area where I very good service.  I thought that maybe service from a tower was interupted by the storm but tech support says evrything is fine in this area. I have had the Sim card changed. When I get to work the phone seaches all day. If the problem is not the towers then the phone must have a problem picking up signals.  It seems funny to me that T-Mobile does not sell the Samsung Exhibit anymore. It only came out in July.  All I know is I am paying a phone bill and I get no service where I need it. Living in the New York- New Jersey area I would expect to get service. And looking at the other comments in this group I am not the only one with this problem. At least I can enjoy the games on it for the next year and a half.

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