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    Phone does not ring only vibrates

      I have gone into settings, everything looks fine but my phone will not ring, I have it so that it always vibrates even with a ring, don't know what's going on, took battery out and still the same..I have missed 3 important calls. Please help! I just had someone call me and I could not even hear them on the phone?

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          I am sorry that you have missed important calls!  I have a few questions for you:

          • Are you able to hear other alerts like messages, email, alarm, music, etc.  If yes, which of these are you able to hear?
          • Do you have any accessories plugged into your device when this happens?
          • Navigate through your settings (see steps below) and choose a preloaded ringtone (not one you have downloaded).
          • Does this change your results?
          • What version of Android are you using? (Menu > Settings > About Phone > Software Information > Android Version)


          Find the steps below or in the User Manual: http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-1728


          To change the ringtone or melody, follow these steps:

          1.     From the Home screen, press the Menu key.

          2.     Tap Settings.

          3.     Tap Sound.

          4.     Tap Phone ringtone.

          5.     Tap the desired ringtone. (Select one that was preloaded and not one you downloaded or installed.)

          6.     Tap OK.


          I hope this helps resolve your issue!

          Warm regards,


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            Hello Tara,


            I am unable to call out, "no dial tone", it appears as a call with countdown of time, unable to hear person I'm calling, there is no  sound for anything at all. I went into the tmobile store and they also could not get it to work even with a hard reset. I was told to use my earbuds to answer and talk, new phone to be mailed. Thanks for your reply.

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              You're very welcome.  I am glad that we were able to order you a handset exchange.   Please let me know if you need assistance with anything else.