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    Back button not working and other touch screen related issues.

      Any help would be appreciated.


      Yesterday I noticed the back button stopped working. This makes it pretty impossible to drive any phone functions.


      Also I noticed the slide to unlock touch screen function is more difficult to unlock (only slides part way).


      Then the camera shortcut that I have in the bottom left hand corner of the touch screen does not react when pressed. It's like it's not even there. I brought in a new camera short cut and put it above the old one and it does not respond to being pressed either.


      Furthermore the two little dots you can use to move to the left menu, don't work either. It's like The left side of the touch screen is dead but only when at the home page. If I open a picture I can move the picture when depressing the left side of the touch screen. (back button still does not work) Or I can take a picture by pressing the button on the touch screen which is in the same area of the screen.


      Very frustrating!