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WiFi calling on WP7?

We get no coverage in one of our offices, and when I contacted TMo for a workaround, everyone suggested WiFi calling.  I have asked each of them if it works with WP7/Radar and usually just get *crickets*.  It's my understanding that there is an app for Android that handles the wifi calling settings, but I don't see anything in the Marketplace.  Probably overly optimistic, but any chance WP7 just does it in the background?


If WiFi calling is not available yet, any word on the timeline?



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    There is no official way to do wifi calling on Windows Phone platform currently (i.e. the feature is not loaded on any of the current phones like it is on most newer android phones) and is not an app that you can download from the Windows Marketplace, and I am not aware of any plans to support it in the future. 


    However, i did respond to a similar inquiry a week ago with a suggestion that may or may not be something you're willing to explore http://support.t-mobile.com/thread/11057?tstart=0


    I apologize that i don't have an easy yes for you on this - if Wifi Calling is a must-have for you, you might want to consider a different phone model/operating system, and i can recommend a few if you like. 

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    - I specifically asked a store employee about this and he told me when I'm connected to wifi I should not be using my monthly minutes. I assumed this meant wifi calling was supported on the radar. I guess not?

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    I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was just confused and was thinking android when you were asking about Windows Phone.    


    No wifi calling on any windows phone smartphones as of today and nothing coming that i am seeing.  But...who knows what the future holds?

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    I'm afraid you may be giving them too much benefit.  I have now had the store rep, two customer service reps, and a tech support rep, all of whom clearly knew I was getting or had the Radar, tell me that wifi calling was a feature.  We actually may have to switch out our lines to another carrier because one of our officer in a courthouse does not get any coverage, and that employee really needs it.  When trying to deal with it, because we're otherwise very happy with the phones and relatively happy with the service, everyone suggested using wifi for coverage.


    You may need a training bulletin on this, because I think it's being widely disseminated as a feature on WP7 phones.


    All that being said, I'm surprised that you don't see anything even coming down the pike in light of this way back in February.  http://www.phonearena.com/news/T-Mobile-wants-WiFi-calling-on-Windows-Phone-7_id16956

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    Yep we definitely want wifi calling on the WP operating system due to the fact that we know the demand is out there, but there are technical and cost barriers to making it happen and for a number of reasons it's not something that has occurred...yet.  The good news is that there are plenty of android and blackberry alternatives for wifi calling. 


    Thanks for the heads up on what you are hearing from the reps - can you PM me the street address of that store location?   thanks

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    I had similar issues I was told instore that wifi calling was supported and 5 or so support agents also told me it was possible. Finally I was told that it wasnt possible.


    I contacted Kineto the maker of the t-mobile apps and got the following answer (i have removed the representatives name for privacy.


    This is disappointing the OS and hardware is capable of this feature and with T-mobiles lack of coverage its a great feature, sadly i'll be leaving T-mobile shortly because of being lied to (instore and by customer service) as this feature is now essential to me.


    P.s. suggesting the purchasing a blackberry (an awful failing system) or an android (riddled with malware and bugs) is not a solution, when will t-mobile learn this?



    Hi Kieran,


    We are ready, willing and able to support WP7.  But our customer is the mobile operator, in this case T-Mobile.  At this point, T-Mobile isn’t pushing us to add Wi-Fi Calling support to WP7 phones.  When they do, I’m sure we’ll have support completed in no time.



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    I apologize for the incorrect info you were given regarding wifi calling on smartphones running on the Windows Phone OS.


    I am unaware of any source that confirms the Windows Phone OS and phone hardware supports the wifi calling feature, but I am told by our product team that T-Mobile has explored the option of including the wifi calling feature and as it stands, MSFT has not allowed it on the Mango OS.  I dont have any background on specific reasons why this is, but we are very aware of how useful the feature is for many customers.


    It's great to hear that you have contacted the vendor that worked on prior iterations of wifi calling and they seem to be willing to support it if the need is there.  I would hope we could make progress with MSFT so that future smartphones on the Windows Phone OS would be able to support this feature.


    Also, my personal experience with wifi calling on android and bb has been mostly issue-free, but i realize that not everyone can expect the same based on different variables related to individual circumstance.

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    I'm not sure t-mobile can continue to blam the OS when the vendor says its perfectly possible to enable wifi calling on windows phone 7.


    Its time for t-mobile to begin delivering on its commitment to windows phone 7

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    Unsure what commitment you reference - I dont believe there has been any indication that wifi calling was/is coming to Windows Phone. 


    It's important to distinguish between a 3rd party software vendor expressing willingness to work on new software applications and a company that controls what the OS can and cannot support.  From the kineto email response provided, it does not appear to indicate that they have completed any work confirming their app can work on the WP OS, but they do sound optimistic that given the chance they could figure out a way to do so.  Personally I'd like to see the feature on my Windows Phone asap, but our product team has indicated MSFT controls this at present. 

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    this statement:


    "We are ready, willing and able to support WP7."


    indictates quite clearly that they believe it is possible, also when you consider the access to internal sections of the OS allowed with Mango, enabling apps such as Tango Voice and video calling etc (to name just one) there should be no real barrier.


    I believe the barrier to be T-mobile's willingness to invest which is a shame, just as much of a shame as t-mobiles customer service knowledge base.


    I will seek an answer from microsoft directly


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    Just to keep everyone else who is interested in this Kineto have confirmed once again that they believe the WIFI calling is possible on wp7. They stated it would require some cooperation from Microsoft but see no major obstacles.


    I have yet to get an answer from Microsoft but to me it still clear T-mobile does not want to spend the money to have this service developed its nothing to do with capability

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    Hello! Thanks for continuing to take the initiative to research Wi-Fi calling on the WP7 platform. At this time I have no new information outside of what Joel has already provided. I know we are always working on new services and features so it definitely may be an option that becomes available in the future as T-mobile and Microsoft continue working together! We'll keep you posted!

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    Any updates on this? I know many people who would jump from Android in a second to WP7 if Tmobile decides to include Wifi calling on their more and more impressive WP7 lineup.



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    No updates - unfortunately there are no active plans to include wifi calling on any of the smartphones running Windows Phone OS in the current T-Mobile lineup.  I am also not aware of any plans to do this for future WP products, although it is difficult to predict the future

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