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PLEASE Help LOW Memory !!!  Messages full cant recieve text?

HI I have just become a new member of Tmobile and I chose the Samsung Gravity Smart in Berry Red....I Have already had to replace it once b/c the internet quit working about 45 days after I got it.  So now the problems I am have are as follows::


1. MY Phone is extremely slow!!!!

2. It says Message memory full incoming message rejected and my message inbox and saved are empty!!!

3. Low memory space.  New voice mails will not be downloaded.  Please empty your visual voicemail.  And once again it is empty!!!

4. Low on space.  Internal phone storage is getting low please delete some applications.  The ones I want to keep I dont wanna delete.  The game demos that came with the phone that i dont want or need i cannot delete.


Look i cant even download Angry Birds it says my external memory is not large enough.


Please some one help me.  I cant afford to buy a new phone i am not up for up grade and i dont want the same phone but refurbished again!!!  It is driving me crazy PLease help!!!


Okay one more and I will stop ranting..it will not allow me to set ringtones for individual callers it force closes my contact cards !!!  I dont know what to do!!!