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Can I hook up my MyTouch phone to my television to watch Netflix?

I was told by a fellow employee that I can hook up my MY TOUCH 4g slider phone to my television and watch Netflix.  She said I would hook up my television through the USB port of the phone. 


I went to Radio Shack and the employee told me that the MY Touch 4g Slider Phone is not hooked up to the television using the USB port but at the top of the phone. I told him I thought that was the headphone jack. He said it wasn't just for a headphone jack and looked it up on their computer.  The other end of the cable had three plugs, (yellow, white and red).  I bought the cord but couldn't get it to work. Needless to say I'm taking it back.


I was looking at the user manual for the My Touch 4 g slider phone online and the picture of the phone says the area at the top is a headphone jack. It didn't say it was used for anything else.


Was I told wrong?