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Why can't I save stuff to my memory card?

I purposely went out and bought a bigger memory card and yet when I go to my settings,storage space and try to move apps to the memory card the message I get says there are no apps to move. Well that makes no sense considering my phone has about 20 apps on it. I also don't see any option after taking a picture to move the picture to the memory card. This is getting a bit annoying as it appears my memory card has nothing on it and is basically useless. And several times during the week I get a message telling me I am running low on internal memory. This wouldn't be an issue if the phone would allow me to move my stuff to the memory card. Anyone know what the heck I'm doing wrong here?? Thanks

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        Page 16 of the User Manuel states, "Use the Micro SD card to store your photos, videos, and music. You'll find the microSD card already inserted in your phone." This indicates you should be able to store photos on your SD card. Page 130 states, "Photos and videos captured with the camera will be stored in your Micro SD card".

    I called HTC Support at 866-449-8358 and they stated the pictures should automatically save to the SD Card. If they aren't being saved to the SD card, the SD card is defective and would need to be replaced. Hope this helps!

    User Manuel: http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-2173



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    Hi when that issue of saving to  SD card is resolved  . If you intend storing a lot of photos etc  to your card maybe a bigger capacity card would be adviseable  . You can  insert up to a 32 GB  in your handset  .

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    This doesn't really answer the question. The point I will raise is HTC/T-Mobile has filled the internal memory almost totally, which kills the whole "app experience" for an Android phone. You can't tell me that HTC can't come up with a fix to be able to move some of the internal apps to the SD card OR at the very least allow you to remove(uninstall) some of the apps you KNOW you'll never use!!! What good is an Android phone if you can't use apps??????? BTW, an answer you provided in another thread regarding uninstalling Visual Voicemail is just plain WRONG.

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    I have the same issue as well.I am forced to keep applications I can't use on my phone's memory. I keep getting low memory warnings which prevent me from using my phone as i would like. I had to do a factory reset just to install the update. The storage wizard would not free up the 25mb of phone memory required to install no matter what I did. BTW I don't like the 411 and more that comes on the phone and I can't get rid of it. If i accidently press on it, it dials 411 and I get a charge on my bill if I don't call in to customer service even if I do end the call right away!

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    go to where you uninstall the apps and on each one click clear data. you may have to resign in a few things but it will help get the 25mb up for the upgrade