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Not registered on network?

Can't make or receive calls on Samsung Galaxy S. Anybody have an answer

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    Can you provide more details regarding your situation?


    - Do you have any bars of signal?  Edge, 3G, or 4G?

    - What happens when you try to dial out?

    - What happens when someone calls you?


    Definitely need more details to try and help!

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    Thank you for taking the time to reply. It's appreciated!

    Now, to answer your questionsd:

    No bars or 4G indicator

    When I try to dial out, I get the "not registered on network

    When someone calls me: "Unavailable or out of network" even when my wife is across the table from me  We got that message when we called each other acrossd the table

    Chat w/ a rep and she told us to take the battery out for a few minutes. That worked for a short while (us is my wife's phone & my phone. Both had the same problem)

    Went to a T-Mobile store and the rep changed the SIM cards and the phones have been working the way they're sopposed to.


    Strange that it would happen to both our Galaxy S phones at the same time (there doesn't seem to be a link for the Galaxy S without the  "ii" designation.

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    I'm glad the SIM card swap cleared it up for you.  Very strange to hear of this.


    I know this may sound like a silly question, but I want to ask a couple more things that may help us moving forward:


    - Did you transfer your original SIM card from a previous device into the Galaxy S II?

    - Or did you pull the new SIM card out of the box and put it straight into this phone?

    - How old was the SIM card that wasn't working appropriately?


    Trying to ascertain if the SIM was somehow unactivated, but even if it's a new/unused SIM, it should still have shown network connectivity (all calls would have simply routed to T-Mobile Customer Care).

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    Hi launcher,

    The SIM cards were the originals inserted by the T-Mobile rep at the time we bought the phones

    We activated our cards (and accounts) on 11/03/11. Strange?

    I have a feeling that this is not a rarity. A Google search made me think that I was not alone on this issue. The store rep's first response was "Let's swap SIM cards" which makes me think that this wasn't a new experience. No hassle about the problem.


    BTW, our phones are Galaxy S's not Galaxy S II. I have a feeling that paying T-Mobile's price we should have gotten the Galaxy II model


    Are you with T-Mobile? If not, then you're an incredibly dedicated Good Samaritan