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    HTC Sensation Wifi Calling

      why can people barley hear me when I'm talking to them through wifi? I have to yell into the phone just for the other person to hear me. I'll have perfect signal and everything. is it the the way the sensation is? or is it my phone that's defective?

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          nolanite wrote:


          why can people barley hear me when I'm talking to them through wifi? I have to yell into the phone just for the other person to hear me. I'll have perfect signal and everything. is it the the way the sensation is? or is it my phone that's defective?

          Can they hear you fine when you are using the T-Mobile network?

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            yes. the other people can hear me perfect on the tmobile network. and i thought it might just be my wifi but i tried another wifi signal and its the same way.

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              Well I originally was having the same issue. Because Tmobile network in my area is bad I use WiFi Calling. I have a couple of suggestions. One, is I found that because of where I mic is located that I was accidently putting my finger over the hole. Also, if you are to spin the home screen, will the carasel spin with ease or does it kinda snag and hesitate? The only reason I say that is because my first sensation was real bad wifi and also it didnt seem to run as smooth overall for a dual core phone. So I went and exchanged it at best buy for a different one, because it was still under warranty. My new phone is running smooth like butter. I have no issues at all now. With nothing. I have never been so happy with a phone. I have had phones in the past where they snag and things like that. I will never allow people on the forum or the people at the store to talk me out of exchanging phones. I plan to exchange my phones till I get one that works right.

              The reason I say that, is cause, to me it never seemed to run right and I mentioned spinning the carasel, and if other people where having the same issue. Members of this forum made fun of me and couldnt see the reason why that I would even want to spin it. It was not because I just get my kicks over spinning it, but it was all because it showed a flaw in how the OS and the phone was running.

              The lady at best buy tried to say it was how the phone runs. Well after awhile of discussing, I had to forcefully tell her, if I have the option to exchange, then that is what I want to do. Whether she likes it or not. I have never been happier in my life.

              I am a computer geek and know how something should run. I went thru the same thing with an HP laptop. I knew something was wrong with the motherboard or ram. It took me awhile and had to literally yell at the tech support out of anger to get them to do what I want. I continually refused to do there trouble shooting after numerous failed attempts.

              I am basically saying that if there are issues with your phone, and you still have means to exchange it, then I would do so, before  you are not able to do it.

              You always read on forums of how some people have issues and others dont. Sometimes it is a software issue and there are actually times when it is a hardware issue. Some of the so called "experts" on the forums and tech support will say otherwise.

              But if I buy a product and it is not working properly then I want one that does. Maybe if more people did that, then they would stop putting out phones before they are ready. Whether it is rushing it or using subpar componants.

              Sorry for the long response, I just want you to be happy with your phone. PM me if you have any questions.

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                Your spinning carousel benchmark is false, no matter how much you try to claim otherwise.  And I am no more an expert than you.  Your anecdotal evidence is just that, anecdotal. 


                I susepct if you factory reset, choosing not to sign in to Google so no apps start loading, that your homescreens would spin just fine.  Only when you start loading your apps and your phone picks up the settings you have initiated and possibly saved to your SD or Google, will anything affect your carousel-spinning activity.


                WiFi voice calling  is going to be the flakiest feature to troubleshoot.  It's dependent on the user's network hardware, internet connection, and countless settings configurations.  A poor or congested network connection can cause low-voice quality. 


                Just to be sure, check your carousel spinning rate for snags.



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                  LOL, you are the same person that disputed me last time. Since exchanging phones and have since loaded all and more apps then the last phone, it spins just fine. So you can dispute me all you want, cause I have personally experienced it myself. If there are hardware issues, then that will cause problems with software issues. As I have experienced it with my wifes laptop and also my phone.


                  When I started a thread about this, you disputed me and I wish you would just except the fact that you were wrong on this issue. What you state may be correct sometimes, but not this time. HP had the same attitude as you. They continually wanted to just reinstall Windows and swore that it was some program that I installed on the computer.


                  This is not about just spinning the carasel. It is about snagging. If there is snagging while spinning it, then it is either a software or hardware issue. If you reset the phone back to default more than once and it still has issues, then it is a hardware issue.


                  It is possible for a device to actually go bad and not just be software. Thank you.

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                    My wife and I have the same problem with WIFI calling.  I have the Sensation 4G and she has the MyTouch 4G.  I have 1 wireless network with 2 routers to cover both floors.  I can stand next to my router with full wifi bars and people on the other end can barely hear me or my voice gets cut off.  I tried it at work on a different wirless network with the same results and as I mentioned before we have 2 different phones.  There is definitely something wrong with the WIFI calling feature.  For now T-mobile is denying any problems with this feature, but eventually they will have to fess up.

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                      yeah i called tmobile and they are now saying its the wifi feature in the phone. and they are woking on it. same with the sensation taking screen shots when you push the home button. but they just fixed that in the last update. so the tmobile person said just wait and there should be another update to fix the wifi calling.

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                        I am not sure what the issue could be but I have terrible network inside my house so I use several thousand wifi minutes every month and my sensation works just great. The only problem I ever have is when I forget I am on wifi and leave the house durring a call and then I drop the call when I am out of wifi range. Good luck with your problem. Hopefully the next update will help.

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                          Hey everyone!


                          It is possible these issues were caused by Wi-Fi connection issues.  If this is the root cause, the latest software update for the Sensation 4g should help.  Check out the link for more information!


                          It is also possible that the router may be experiencing issues.  To ensure there are no router issues, you'll need to call the router manufacturer to check for firmware updates and reset the settings on the router.


                          Another possibility is that you may be having problems with your Internet connection.  Since T-Mobile's Wi-Fi Calling is similar to VoIP calls, call up your Internet provider to verify that your Internet connection supports VoIP.


                          Hope this helps!


                          - Ian