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Ive had my phone for a few hours and must admit its harder than I thought to try to figure it out.  I found someone posted a quick start online which is good because it didnt come in the box and I havent had time to read a 200 page book.  I was trying to figure out how to turn the phone off and now it seems broken. it says RAMDUMP MODE and wont start. Anyone know what this is?  Couldnt find it in the instruction manual and my cell phone is my only phone so I cant call anybody.  Im going to try to take the battery out and back in - I assume it needs to be restarted or rebooted but dont know how to do that


    I haven't ever experience this problem, but did find the following site that had inforamtion on resolving this problem that might be helpful to you:




    Hello Sajam,

    I too just bought my Samsung Exhibit II 4G cell phone yesterday 07/10/2011.  The T-Mobile customer service representative, named Shea,  when I called, helped me set up my phone plan and transfer my phone book from my previous SYM card to my new phone and then activate the new Sym card and and then transfer the phone book from the phone to the new SYM card  Thank you Shea. 

    I can not help you with RAMDUMP MODE.  I hope removing the battery helps with that.  Under task manager their is a button for removing unused data from RAM.  I did this with no negative results.

    Open the back cover of the phone by carefully prying the (flimsy) cover off using a "fingernail" as per the instructions.  Then remove and replace the battery, and reinstall the cover.  A small screwdriver, if you bite your nails , could be used to pry off the back.


    This information may help with the on/reboot/off.  The button for on/off is on the right side or edge of the phone, about 1" down from the top of the phone.  A small circle with a straight line through the middle of the circle indicates on/off.  Hold and press the on/off button for a few seconds, maybe 8 to 15 seconds, and the phone will power off if the phone is on or power on if the phone is off and automatically reboot if turning on. 

    A few seconds after the phone turns on the screen goes blank and it appears that the phone shut off but, alas, after some worry,  that is not the case.   A quick click of maybe 1/2 to 1 second on the aforementioned on/off botton cycles the screen on or off.  I am guessing this is to conserve power.  Once the screen turns on to the orange t-mobile screen with the time and date, within 6 seconds, put your finger on the orange screen near the bottom of the screen and "slide" the orange time/date screen off to the the side or top of the screen to unlock the screen and reveal the home screen with other function buttons.

    Any time the screen goes into sleep mode just repeat the click of the on/off button and remove the time/date orange screen lock by swiping it away as before.

    The amount of time that the screen stays on can be adjusted under settings, display, then screen time out.  Longer screen on times result is quicker battery discharge time. 

    I hope this helps,



    Hi MIke

    First off, thanks for taking the time to respond.  Im also happy you had a good experience with a Tmobile rep.  That has not been my recent experience.  They have consistently (like 90%) given me incorrect and false information - over and over - which is very frustrating or in live chat (when you can get through) just say "Im sorry..." or "I cannot answer that."


    The phone has 'died' twice in the first 2 days and I had to take the battery out and try to reset it.  Once was this "ramdump" thing - which seems to be like a fatal error which no one at Tmobile or Samsung could explain.  The other was the Menu Button just wouldnt work at all - nothing would pop up. Then Ive had a myriad of other problems combined with bad information again from both Samsung and Tmobile reps, and frustration that there's no Android support except for posting on a Google forum and hoping another user will respond.  There were some very basic things I was trying to do and the reps kept telling me the phone or Android or Tmobile wouldnt 'support that feature' or the 'phone is bulit to the carrier's specifications..." In every single case, I was able to do some research and figure it out.  Also was lucky enough to have a Google employee spot some of my posts on their forums and contact me directly so that helped.  Some of the stuff he admitted were Android 'faults' when compared to ios but they were aware of it and were fixing those things in android 4.0.


    I appreciate your explaining on/off - I know thats how to turn the phone on/off...It just wasnt working.  Id hold down the power button and nothing would happen.  That was one of the times i got that Ramdump so I thought maybe I pushed too hard or something.  I also find that I cant tell if the phone is charging when the phone is turned off.  At first I do see a battery icon on the screen; Im just used to seeing a light somewhere to confirm the charging is going well - and Im finding the phone's battery doesnt seem to last very long, which is another problem.


    Im also frustrated that I wasnt told that in prepaid youre going to get throttled to 'dialup' speeds - I had been told 3G...so it does put a new spin on the huge billboards all over town that scream Unlimited Monthly 4G for $50...and makes it sound comparable - if not better- than the other prepaid carriers who are offer unlimited data at 3G for the same (or lower) prices.  However, that $50 plan only gives you 100 mb, and my phone used over 30mb in less than a day without my even doing anything...so Im a little afraid of what dialup speed is going to mean...and now think something like Virgin Mobile or Boost with consistent unlimited 3G might have been a better choice...


    Do you know if theres a way to change that orange screen to something else?  I dont know what that screen is called as its not a home screen.  I just was curious. I also notice that the phone goes to that orange screen very quickly... I keep thinking Im changing settings so it wont do it but it still does.  I think I need to spend the weekend going through the 200 page manual to learn how to use all the features. 


    Well its happened once again.

    Samsung now is telling me to try factory reset or send the phone back.  So Ive just wasted a week of customizing my phone and will have to do it all over again.  No one knows why this - and several other functions wont work (notifications not working; voice commands not working etc)  Have done soft resets 5 times in 7 days.  Nightmare


    Just had the same problem.  I was told that RAMDUMP happens when you sometimes press two buttons at the same time.  Remove the battery for at least 30 seconds then replace and turn the phone on.  It should be as good as new.  Mine works just fine.


    The problem is Ive had that error now twice in a week and Samsung couldnt tell me what it was.

    Nothing on my phone seems to work properly.  Ive now taken out the battery etc six times in a week!  Accounts arent syncing properly, notifications arent working properly, Voice Actions arent working...Im about to lose my mind.  Ive spent so much on just getting basic functions of this phone to work and nothing...Samsung cant help; Google wont help.  Ive got a smart phone that wont perform the smart features.


    But glad to see Im not the only one who's had that problem.  Once it happened, however, during the soft reset, when I took the battery out and then replaced it and turned the phone back on...When the phone got turned on, the opening screen said "Ramdump Mode" so that couldnt have been touching two buttons at once??


    The first time I took my battery out I put it back in after only 10-15 seconds.  When I turned the phone back on I got the same RAMDUMP message on the screen.  When I called T-Mobile support the guy knew right away what to do.  He said you have to leave the battery out at least 30 seconds.  When I replaced it the second time the phone worked perfectly.  If you've done that and are still having problems not sure what to tell you.  If you can access your phone settings have you tried to reset to factory settings?  If you can do that you'll probably delete any apps that you installed and maybe any contact lists and stuff like that too.  Worth a try if you haven't tried that already.


    Ive done soft resets many times but not the factory reset yet.  I wanted to speak to someone who knew what they were talking about first to see if theres a reason why things arent working.  THe RamDump thing makes sense - cuz the first time it happened, I might have pressed a button too hard or twice as I was tryign to figure out how to turn it off; the second time might have been the battery issue you mentioned.  Surprisingly, Samsung said they never heard of that error.


    The other things Im not sure.  I just dont want to have to reconfigure everything, download and install every app again, customize everything on the phone unless I absolutely have to.  Theyve told me to do that several times in the last week for other issues which I was able to solve; it seems thats just the answer they give to everything.   I probably will have to do that as a last straw, but would much rather speak to someone at samsung or google who know what theyre doing who can make sure everything is configured correctly and is not working for some reason vs. just a box isnt checked or a rep didnt know what they were talking about.  samsung has made so many mistakes in my converations with them so far that my trust level is very low. 

    Syncing is not happening consistently for a reason.  Ive even tried to delete and resintall accounts.

    Voice Action is not working at all- and Ive read things in Google Forums with other people complaining about it.  It is recognizing voice so my gut tells me its something simple that needs to be configured but that the reps dont know.


    I dont know...I appreciate your response.  On other blogs, people just get so downright mean and nasty