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why does my phone say no service

why does my phone say no service?

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    There are several possible reasons why your phone displays no service.  I would start with the easiest/most common fix.  Please power down your phone and then power it back on.  Does service come back?  If not, and your using an Android phone, please go to:  Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Network Operators > Search Networks.


    Does this correct?  If not, do you get any other error messages?  Please let me know! 

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    I just baught an apple i phone 4g, it worked last night when I got it with my temp nbr of XXX-XXX-4221, but then I was supposed to have my old nbr ported in of XXX-XXX-8221.  Well today my old phone was disconnected and now my new phone says no service. I tried following the prompts above but my phone doesnt have wireless and networks or mobile networks anywhere under settings.  What should I do?


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    Your issue is going to be a little different since you are using an iphone and not an android device, your iphone takes the micro sim am I correct?

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    i tried this on my tmobile android concord and it worked when i powered off my phone.thank you very much i was freaking out for a minute because i only have had the phone for three days.