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    MyTouch 4G will not charge or turn on

      I have a MyTouch 4G that will not even turn on when plugged in to the charger. No amber light or anything. For several days it would charge, then randomly die, but worked when plugged into the charger, now nothing. I'm thinking battery, but wouldn't it still work with a charger plugged in if the battery was the onyl problem? Until this, I've had no problems with the phone.

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          I've seen that happen with lots of devices. It usually means there is a loose connection in your charger and no juice is getting to the phone. I'd try jiggling the connector, the cord, everything, until the light goes on. If that works, you just need a new charger (or else, keep jiggling!)


          Good luck!

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            It could definitely be the battery. The phone never runs on plug in power, it always runs on the battery. If you run the battery all the way down, it will need to charge a bit before it will turn on, because it only runs on battery power. Go to a tmobile store and see if they have a spare battery for the phone that they'll let you test while there to see if that's the issue. If it is, either buy one there, or go on Amazon and get one of those extended batteries that is the same size (why not, huh?).

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              eBay also has OEM HTC batteries at great prices. If your battery is bad, it may never operate the device, charged/plugged it/or anything

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                I took the phone to a T-Mobile store and we tried a different battery. Still won't boot. At this point I am going to assume it's the phone, even though the battery was bulging.

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                  I'm having similar issues with my phone.  I got a new phone sent to me, but the same battery, after the phone would not charge on any charger.  Again, same problem... Called again, got a new battery sent to me... now, same problem!  Still NOT charging. We have 3 different chargers and my husband has the same phone as I do and his phone charges on all three, however mine will not even register that it's plugged in....  I haven't been able to use my phone in about a week due to this problem.  Hope your issues have been resolved!  Any advice is welcome! 

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                    T-Mobile should definitely replace your device if it's that defective. Give 'em a call.

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                      Their customer service has been some of the nicest and most helpful people I've encountered in a long time!  They have had no problems sending me a new phone, a new battery and now a completely upgraded phone....  I always dread calling a business, because it is rare now a days to find someone who speaks English fluently, let alone treats you with respect, but T Mobile was kind, considerate and helpful AND English speaking!  I just hope the new phone that is coming works!