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    Amaze 4G Bluetooth Range/Reception Issues?

      Anybody experiencing bad (< 5 ft) bluetooth range and just over all terrible bluetooth reception on the Amaze?  When the phone is in my pocket, the bluetooth signal is seriously compromised.  Same thing when stepping even a few feet from the phone, the signal just totally breaks up.  My previous device was an Evo 4G and the headset I am using now is the same as then, a Plantronics Voyage Pro.  With the EVO I could be 15-20 feet away from the phone before the signal broke up.  I tried my girfriend's bluetooth headset with the Amaze and had the same problem.  I should also mention that my stereo bluetooth device connected to my home theater has the range issues too when used with the Amaze.  There is nothing on the HTC or Android formums about this issue.  Anybody using a different bluetooth device having issues as well?

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