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    Anonymous "hidden sender address"

      Hello All,
      I'm new here and have been getting texts from "Anonymous" and when I open it it just says Hidden Sender Address.  I'm not sure what or who is sending these to me.....but I really want to find out if it is a hacker or someone I may know trying to be in my business...or just something that happens with my phone.  I usually delete them as soon as I get them, but one time I forgot to delete.  When I went to send a friend of my a picture, it sent it to the "Anonymous" text too....

      Please if anyone knows what this is...let me know...PLEASE.



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          Great question.  I've had a blackberry for 8 years and my new galaxy sII gets those texts every so often.  Drives me nuts...

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            Sounds like someone has your number and is blocking or they are sending the text via the Internet. What do the texts contain?

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              I am actually having this happen also, but its not just a text, it seems to be a bug with the phone, t-mobile, or android.


              I seem to have found the issue, but what happens is when someone sends me an MMS it displays it for like a second under the contact, then it goes and creates a hidden sender address and it seems to be this blank message that does nothing and I then cant access the MMS anymore


              Not sure if this relates, but its the closest thing I could find, I wish someone from T-Mobile would fix this.



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                CFDroid - Thats not it. It doesnt matter where the MMS comes from. It comes in as blank, then just keeps popping up over and over about 10 times. I have had multiple people send it to me, and have tried to send one to myself; same result.

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                  It doesnt say anything at all.  When I open it, it just says "hidden sender address".  What bothers me is, like I stated before, one time I didnt erase it from my converstions, and I sent one of my friends a pic, and I notice that the pic went to "Anonymous" also. You know when you send a pic to someone and the paperclip shows up at the corner by the recivers name...well "Anonymous" had a paperclip by it as if I sent the pic to "Anonymous'. Its just odd to me.  I was thinking it is someone texting me from a computer, but why would they not say anything.  Unless sending the "anonymous" texts is a way of putting a tracking device on my phone.....Im not sure, but its bothering me.  I don't want to change my number unless I have to.

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                    There are anonymous sms message programs out there online for SMS which anyone can use if they choose. This issue could also be linked to your voicemail. Does it show a number anywhere in the message details such as 123456...? Do you notice that you get the anonymous message after receiving a voicemail?

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                      Sounds buggy.

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                        mms is not sms. sms is just text, mms  adds pictures or other media (sounds or videos?) maybe mms can be turned off. If you want to send pictures, just use email!

                        I could be mistaken, but there is a setting on your phone for turning off automatic conversion of long SMS to MMS, you will be prompted and you can decline.

                        Messaging app, use Settings, the un-check 'Auto Retrieve' automatically retrieve messages.

                        I could be wrong but this might be worth trying.

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                          Yeah how about that...maybe so. It is a gadget afterall. Very interesting stuff!

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                            Even I see 5 messages in my tmobile.com .. I didnt receive anything in my phone..

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                              Its comes from when you receive a picture message. Everytime I get a picture message the hidden sender will continue to pull thru. The only way I've stopped mine is to delete the thread 3 times. meaning you delete it once and it'll start then delete again & if lucky it will not come back the 3rd time is a charm and then it won't come back. I'm actually going to take it to TMobile to find out if there is a fix for this as its really annoying esp with Bluetooth in your ear and its constantly reading the same response "Message from (person's name)" over and over again.

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                                TO CF DROID:

                                There is nothing in the message but the words "hidden sender address", no numbers or anything.  They don't come before or after I recieve a picture or a voicemail, they just come randomly...and when they do, I get them back to back for a few days, and then it will stop for some weeks, and then start again.  I'm gonna try adjusting the setting and see if I recieve one in the next few weeks.  I will definitly let you all know what happens.  If it is a setting with the phone, then I will be relieved, but I am hoping that its not someone doing this from a computer.  Thats creepy!

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                                  Do you have skype loaded on your phone....I ask becourse I have had this happen a few times and I beleive it

                                  started when I installed skype...not sure where this is coming from.....

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                                    Being several people are experiencing something similar then the chances of it being someone in particular is not as likely. It has to be an app that is causing the issue. I don't install much on my phone and haven't seen any of this. I would do what you mentioned, check setting in some of the messaging/email apps to see if that helps. It's replicating some type of message from somewhere. Maybe it's the voicemail. Does anyone use visual voicemail?

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