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Amaze does NOT have 16GB of on-board storage

HTC advertises 16GB of on-board storage for the new Amaze 4g. Partly based on this fantastic amount of storage, I shelled out $260 to get one. Lo and behold when I get it home and start messing around with it, I notice there are only 9.74GB. That's a whole lot less than 16. I think to myself "there must be a whole ton of apps installed on here or something to be taking up that much space!" But there's not, there's only 200 or so MB of apps installed. So I connected the phone to my PC and the HTC Storage drive is only 9.75GB total capacity. Where the heck did those other 6.25GB go?? So I contacted HTC and I heard back from Dayton, who had this to say:


We certainly understand wanting to make the most of the memory on your HTC Amaze 4G. The space listed on the box and in advertisements is the total storage capacity of the phone, and in fact does exist in the phone. The majority of the space is being used to make sure your phone is running at optimal performance levels and therefore not available to access. If you require more space, you can use a MicroSD Card to add media and other files.


I responded asking if someone who bought a phone with only 4GB of on-board storage would see none of it and in fact owe HTC 3GB back. To that I got this response: 


Thank you for your response. The amount of allotted of memory will vary depending on the specifications of the phone itself. We apologize for the inconvenience and will document your concerns. However, we have no more information then what has already been provided.


So basically they are admitting that they lied to us and also saying "Deal with it and stop bothering us." One of the selling points for me was the fact that this phone came with such a phenomenal amount of on-board storage. Now I find out what I get to use is only 75% of what was advertised. I've been bamboozled. I feel like I've been lied to and have fallen victim to false advertising. Every person in my office whom I have spoken with report that they do indeed see the advertised storage of their smart phone, not 25% less. I worked hard for the $260 I had to shell out for this thing, I darn well better be getting the storage that I paid for.  Not cool, HTC, not cool at all. I'm going to find out of the Samsung Galaxy SII sees its entire advertised 16GB and if so, the Amaze may very well be going back. Too bad, too, cuz it's a nice phone.

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    The Amaze DOES have 16gb of internal storage.

    The way that it is setup though the user does not have access to all this memory.

    it takes a set amount for the operating system of the device.

    takes some for running applications

    takes some more for general cache

    and about 2gb for applications to be installed as well


    then you have the remainder 9.74 or what ever is left for actual end user use


    the galaxy s ii and any other android device with built in memory not just memory card like even the g2x and the vibrant was the same way as well.


    if you want alot more storage for a good value this is what I got in mine to add more


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    I realize all of that. They should not be advertising this phone as having 16GB of internal storage if we don't even have access, cannot see, cannot verify, that amount of storage. I can understand some of the space being taken up by apps, a swap file (assuming android uses one), cache, data, etc., but we're missing nearly 5GB of space here. I went to the t-mobile store just a few minute ago and I learned that there might be a little more space than I originally thought... I have 9.75GB for pictures, movies, music and 2.2GB for apps and app data. 9.75 + 2.2 = ~12GB. I can even understand a gig or two being used up, but 4? Nuh uh. Every co worker I have talked to and examined their phones have within a gig and a half of the advertised storage. The Galaxy S II has over 13GB available.... 11.5 for data and 1.8 for apps.

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    You also realize that if you purchase a 100 GB hard drive for your computer you don't get all 100 GBs, right?


    My 64 GB SSD drive only has 59 availible. 


    You need to chill a bit. 

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    Just because you don't have access to it all doesn't mean that it is not there.

    The OS itself takes over a gig if you dump it.

    That is just to start.  If you like the galaxy s ii since has more return and buy that.

    Either that keep complaining and when HTC builds a new device they will make it again with no internal ram and you have to buy a card.

    Or increase the cost of the phone by another 80$

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    Honestly, I can't believe you all are ok with this. If you bought a new phone and it advertised 4GB of internal storage, how much would you expect to see? Would you be happy if you saw 0GB? If you bought a phone advertising 8GB of storage, would you be happy if you had 3? Because that's basically what's happening here, they're rolling they're stuff into the 16GB that they're advertising as internal storage. Let's say your prediction comes true, they offer a phone with no on-board storage, does that mean you would get no droid operating system and no pre-installed apps? Of course not. They have to give you the OS and you know they're going to get they're own stuff installed. They may not give you any extra to use, you may have to buy your own card to install any apps at all, but you can bet the farm they will get their GUI and their apps on there. They're advertising 16GB and they're only giving us 10ish of it to use.  That's false advertising. I don't see how you can argue their side other than the fact you're swallowing what they're telling you, that it's "Just the way it is."


    One of my co workers has an HTC Incredible with 8GBs of advertised on-board storage.... how much can she see? 6.75GB. That's not a loss of 25% (it's 15) and it's certainly not a loss of 5-6GBs. So why the difference? Why are we being told we have this excellent amount of phone storage when in actuality, we don't?

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    Not that I am ok with it. In a perfect world that would match up.

    They are advertising the chip really.

    It is more a industry problem.  They tried a lawsuit over the Hard Disk Drives with the 500 gb and beeing less after formating and lost.

    Same thing here.

    With the incredible the other partitions are smaller so is not taking as much space.

    Also the can not put in a 22 gb chip to get 16gb because 22 gb don't exhist.

    Also on materials I don't see where they are advertising as 16 gb media storage anywhere just 16 gb ROM which would be shared for all phone information see the link:


    or from tmo

    16 GB eMMc Internal Phone Memory


    which would mean shared.

    side effect of the technology that really can not be gotten away from.

    Like I mentioned the samsung galaxy s ii, vibrant and lg g2x all are the same.  G2X i have and mentioned a 8 gb chip and have less just like the incredible too.

    No phone that is setup with eMMc memory will give you the full chip space since has to be used for other things.

    This is part of the technology

    If you don't like it speak with your wallet and return the phone and go buy something else then like a blackberry or something.

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    Oh forgot,

    to help put in perspective:


    eMMC describes an architecture consisting of an embedded storage solution with MMC interface, flash memory and controller, all in a small ball grid array (BGA) package.[4]

    Embedded MultiMediaCard (e-MMC) e-MMC/Card Product Standard, High Capacity, including Reliable Write, Boot, Sleep Modes, Dual Data Rate, Multiple Partitions Supports and Security Enhancement

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    Ok, you win, that was a good answer. I went and re-read the specs and you're right, it doesn't say 16Gb storage like I thought it did. Still not real happy about it, and I still think it's misleading. Thanks for the discussion.

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    I would be willing to bet the on-board memory has a large chunk of the total space optimized to allow for the burst shooting modes of the camera.