• microsoft account can't be added..pls help!

    Anyone else having an issue creating a microsoft account for you to download in the market place then it will continue to give me error says "wrong email or password" even if i know it's correct. I already tried creat...
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  • Master reset: Nokia Lumia 521

    Learn how to master reset the Nokia Lumia 521 through the menu or hardware keys.   Go to: Master reset from settings menu Master reset with hardware keys       Master reset from settings menu...
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  • Software version: Nokia Lumia 521

    Learn how to check the software version and see official versions for the Nokia Lumia 521. Find out more on this page:   Beginning March 17, the Lumia 521 received a software update to 3056.4000.1404.0034. This ...
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  • My lumia 521 lost  key tone and all sounds

    My lumia 521lost key tone and all sounds
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  • WiFi Calling Does Not Work

    I reviewed the threads on this subject, but they have not solved my problem.   Whenever I was sending a SMS, the phone would drop the cell network. I called tech support and was told to deactivate WiFi Calling....
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  • Not receiving calls.

    I have had my Nokia 521 for a little over two months. It started out working great and now i don't receive phone calls. I will sometimes get the call but then someone will call me and i do not receive it. I have data ...
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  • Unlock code

    I made a request to unlock my Nokia Lumia, on 08/19, but I haven't received the code and now I'm living in Brazil, could you send me the code.
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  • Hi,      I have a Nokia Lumia 521 mobile unlocked and using it in Ghana. It was only working on 2G and i wanted to change it to 3G, so i dialled

    Hi, I have a Nokia Lumia 521 mobile unlocked and using it in Ghana. It was only working on 2G and I wanted to change it to 3G,so I dialled  ##3282# and changed the setting to 3g only. But it didnt work out and...
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  • Unlocked lumia 521 STILL could not get 3g connection in Asia

    This is an old and common problem encountered by many user like me who need to travel across the Pacific. I have unlocked my lumia 521 with an authorized t mobile code, but still could not access to the 3g network in ...
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  • Wifi Calling: Unknown error state

    Starting yesterday on my Lumia 521, when turning on Wi-Fi calling the Wi-Fi calling Settings screen displays "Uknown error state".   How can I fix this? I have the latest 8.1 developer preview update 8.10.14157....
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  • Windows Phone 8.1 update for Nokia Lumia 521 - when?

    Microsoft officially released WP8.1 a couple of months ago and I keep hearing that carriers are going to release their specific versions "very soon". I'm sure there are many people who are on T-Mobile using Nokia Lumi...
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  • when is cyan update gonna hit the lumia 521

    we need the update are phones are acting mire and more stupind untill the update hits the phone I say we should protest in front of headquarters of tmobil or can storm inside the headquarters and demand for the cyan u...
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  • I bought a Nokia Lumia 521 in US, now i am in India and want to use the phone. It was supposed to be unlocked, but now it asks for code from T-Mobile. I can't call customer service from India. How to get the phone unlocked now?

    I bought a Nokia Phone Lumia 521 in USA. Its locked to T-Mobile. I want to get it locked in India. How to get it done. I can't call customer service from here.
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  • Lumia 521: Update error - the update could not be downloaded (801881d0)

    I recently got a Lumia 521 from Newegg for a pretty good price. One of the reasons I got it was because it has Wifi calling. I got the phone but didn't see a Wifi calling setting in the options. I also tried setting u...
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  • phone keeps restarting

    I have 521 and the phone will restart if i move it the wrong way or if i tap the back or the front screen...   Some time i will have to restart it to send or receive a text message.
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  • Unlock nokia lumia 521

    My mom just got a lumia 521 from t-mobile last week. And she wants to know how to unlock the lumia 521. Please help ! ( she paid for half the price of the phone )
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  • Contact Photo Not Displaying on Incoming Call

    Nokia Lumina 521 wp8 - contact photo not displaying on incoming phone call.  Custom ring is working, call-id shows but no photo.  Any suggestions?
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  • Gmail won't sync

    Gmail won't sync to windows phone 521. It says that its syncing for a long time and then stop, When it stops syncing I have the log in screen to sign into my gmail account and set it up. After I sign in it starts to s...
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  • Is there a missed call/text reminder on this phone?

    I find it extremely aggregating that I can't locate a missed call/text feature on this phone. I have to constantly check my phone to see if I have missed a call/text. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone carries a...
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  • MetroPCS Lumia 521 on T-Mobile network

    Can I use a MetroPCS branded Nokia Lumia 521 on a T-mobile network with a T-mobile SIM card without unlocking the phone? Since MetroPCS and T-mobile is now the same company, is unlocking necessary?
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