• My LG Optimus L9 Camera does not work periodically.  Tmobile already replaced once.  Camera will look like it took a picture but then go to gallary and it's just black, sometimes camera won't even open.  Any suggestions? It's intermittent

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  • warranty?

    so I have an LG Optimus L9 that I have on the prepaid T-mobile plan, & about a week ago the headphone jack stopped playing music out of my right ear bud. at first I thought it was just my headphones breaking, but ...
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  • LG Optimus L9 wifi will not turn on

    I've had my Optimus L9 for about a year now, and it has been working fine until a week ago, I assume after an OTA update because it told me to restart my phone, then it stopped working. The wifi function on the phone ...
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  • Lg optimus 9--can't receive MultiMedia messages.

    Hi, lately it seems that I can't receive picture messages on my LG phone.  Is there any way to fix it?  I've tried restarted my phone several times, but to no avail.
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  • Update SIM

    I have recently gotten a replacement phone from my daughter, after I lost my old one. I need to update the SIM so that I can connect to my old line. I followed the directions on the website and all it did was take me ...
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  • How do I edit contacts that imported from FB?

    I agreed to let my new phone sync my contacts so all my Facebook contacts are now there but without phone numbers.  I can't seem to get it to let me add people's phone numbers to these contacts (I can edit the co...
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  • LG Optimus L9 WiFi not turning on, and battery dies fast

    Hi, I've had my LG Optimus L9 for almost a year, and it's now having an issue. The WiFi will not turn on. It's not my WiFi connection, its the actual WiFi feature on the phone - it will not turn on. If I try to turn i...
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  • WiFi not turning on

    Hi guys! I'm really new to this so sorry if something is wrong. Just a few days ago, my Android's WiFi just suddenly shut off and refused to turn on. I was using an app that I now deleted but still it is not turning o...
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  • My phone won't receive or send any group messages

    I Have tried to send messages to my friends as a group and it just sends it separately and when they responds I get it from them individually is there any way I can send and receive group messages
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  • LG OPTIMUS L9 from T-Mobile update (P769)

    Hello, I recently contacted LG about releasing a kitkat android update (4.4&above) for their T-mobile version of the L9 and They said it depends on the software released by the carrier so I'm bringing my issue to ...
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  • LG Optimus L9 will not unlock

    I recently reset my phone, and every time the screen turns off and locks, I cannot not unlock with without taking the battery out and turning the phone back on.  It's the exact same problem as explained in this d...
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  • Hot Phone

    My phone is still not charging and running hot. I master reset the phone and bought a new battery. Tmobile tech support told me to buy another phone!  Wow.! I haven't had this one for a whole year.  
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  • WIFI not turning on LG optimus L9

    I am not able to turn on WIFI with my LG optimus L9.I tried even factory reset and didn't help either
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  • Why is My phone really hot and not charging?

    My phone gets really hot and won't hold a charge. I just don't understand why getting it fixed is so hard.
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  • When will LG Optimus L9 get Android 4.4?

    At the Apple Developer Conference this week, WWDC 2014, Apple made a big deal of pointing out that a measly 9% of Android users are on the latest stable release (4.4, AKA KitKat).  Kind of embarrassing.  So ...
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  • LG Optimus L9 will not receive MMS messages

    my L9 will only occasionally receive MMS messages sent in a group chat, although in some cases the messages are two days old. and will not send any MMS messages at all! i have tried everything from using a third party...
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  • i need help my phone says enter puk

    Hi can someone please tell me how i can get back on my phone its not letting me it says enter puk to get on my phone and i don't have the puk number so what can i do someone please help me
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  • Wifi Connectivity after 4.1.2 update on LG Optimus L9

    Greetings, my girlfriend recently got the L9, and more recently updated her software as promted to Android 4.1.2, v P76920h. Since then she cannot connect to our wifi at all, and she blazes through a lot of data. For ...
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  • My phone will not power up.

    All trouble-shooting procedures followed with the end result being to contact support. Battery shows fully charged with a VOM. Charged battery also put in my second LG Optimus L9 with same results. So, I doubt it is t...
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  • I can't type on my device. Keyboard won't show up. So I'm unable to send or reply to text message, search, or comment on the Internet social sites.

    What should I do?
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