• Can't receive picture messages or group texts while wifi is on

    When I have my wifi on and connected and I receive a text that either contains a picture or a group message my wifi will turn off and the text will say downloading... Then will say "unable to download, please try agai...
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  • help

    I am trying to pay my phone bill and when I talk to someone they keep telling me that I have unpaid activity and no one can explain to me what that is I am now without a phone for a day and a half and I need to figure...
    created by kmflipflop7
  • getting data connection back (after using wifi or airplane mode)

    hello all   really *really* annoying problem with my L9. anytime i go away from the 4G data (whether its to use wifi or to use airplane mode), there's no way to get the data to start on its own. after wifi or air...
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  • Regular Sim to Micro Sim

    I am switching phones from mytouch 4g to optimus l9. I need to switch from a regular sim to a micro sim. Can i still have the same phone number and plan on the new micro sim?
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  • I can't get my phone to send or receive picture messages..

    I have made sure my data is on. I have tried to do it via WiFi calling. I have restarted my phone and tried taking out the SIM card. I have no clue what to do.
    created by morganlivingston
  • How do I stop T-Mobile from sending me annoying "free" text messages which are really just advertisements?

    Every since I converted to a plan with unlimited text I have been receiving the same annoying text messages from T-Mobile which are basically just advertisements for things like auto-pay.  I've tried replying sto...
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  • Something keeps turning my WiFi on

    I always keep WiFi off unless I'm actually using it because it eats the battery. This past week, I've often found the WiFi on when I know I didn't turn it on, especially since I had to turn it off the last time I foun...
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  • L9 worked fine until I activated another.

    I bought two L9's new from Metro (T Mobile) a year ago, one for me and one for my wife. They both worked perfect for over a year. I misplaced mine last month, and since my wife switched plans, I activated hers to my n...
    created by kev1900
  • how do you fix the coloring on your device.. mine is off bad.. what should be pink is green and people look like blueish grey smirfs.

    Help please!! Everything on my phone apps, pics, display the coloring is wtong and i dont know how go fix it. The only time its right is at the very begonning when it reboots.
    created by denisekbrewer
  • LG Optimus L9 dead, want to retrieve data from storage

    I have an Optimus L9 that won't do anything. I would really like to retrieve my vacation photos, data, etc. from the internal storage of the phone. I know how to retrieve data from a working phone by plugging it into ...
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  • LG Optimus L9 data won't switch on (constantly have to restart)

    hello all     really *really* annoying problem with my L9. anytime i go away from the 4G data (whether its to use wifi or to use airplane mode), there's no way to get the data to start on its own. after wif...
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  • I would like an owners manual.

    How do I get an operators manual to run my phone?
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  • two arrows going in a circle at the top of my phone

    Two arrows going in a circle at the top of my phone. How do i get rid of them
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  • LG Optimus Not receiving texts sporadically

    My LG Optimus L9 is not receiving all texts...I only get some from people, others tell me they texted me and I never receive it. I have already contacted TMobile about this (where did the chat option go, btw??), and t...
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  • Does anybody know how to delete pictures that are in auto back-up?

    I'm trying to delete pictures in my phone that my Daughter somehow put in auto backup. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to do it? I've tried goggling it but every thing they suggest doesn't work.
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  • Does anybody know how to set up hotmail on this phone?

    I'm trying to set up the my hotmail email address in this phone & everytime I try it tells me it's the wrong password/log in. I did change the password because I didn't remember the old one, Now I can't get it to ...
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  • Whenever I text, the second word I type always gets deleted

    Whenever I text, the second word I type always gets deleted!  After I press space or begin typing the third word in my text message, it will erase my second word, forcing me to go back and retype the second word....
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  • LG Optimus L9 - GPS stops working

    I have recently purchased LG Optimus L9 from tmobile. The GPS does not seem to work most of the time. There are times when it seems to lock to my location and after I start driving, it loses my location and simply gue...
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  • Why is my settings menu force closing on my LG Optimus L9?

    When I access any options on the System Settings menu (apps, battery, etc.), my selection closes within seconds (or immediately) and returns me to the main System Settings screen. I've removed all recently installed a...
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  • LG Optimus L9 WiFi not turning on, and battery dies fast

    Hi, I've had my LG Optimus L9 for almost a year, and it's now having an issue. The WiFi will not turn on. It's not my WiFi connection, its the actual WiFi feature on the phone - it will not turn on. If I try to turn i...
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