• Does anybody know how to delete pictures that are in auto back-up?

    I'm trying to delete pictures in my phone that my Daughter somehow put in auto backup. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to do it? I've tried goggling it but every thing they suggest doesn't work.
    created by j_wiz
  • Does anybody know how to set up hotmail on this phone?

    I'm trying to set up the my hotmail email address in this phone & everytime I try it tells me it's the wrong password/log in. I did change the password because I didn't remember the old one, Now I can't get it to ...
    created by j_wiz
  • Something keeps turning my WiFi on

    I always keep WiFi off unless I'm actually using it because it eats the battery. This past week, I've often found the WiFi on when I know I didn't turn it on, especially since I had to turn it off the last time I foun...
    created by rbob
  • LG Optimus L9 WiFi not turning on, and battery dies fast

    Hi, I've had my LG Optimus L9 for almost a year, and it's now having an issue. The WiFi will not turn on. It's not my WiFi connection, its the actual WiFi feature on the phone - it will not turn on. If I try to turn i...
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    So my phone kept asking to be updated. It wouldalways interrupt to ask so I did. It erased all of my text messages which I need because I work through my phone. After this update its a completely different software th...
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  • Why is my settings menu force closing on my LG Optimus L9?

    When I access any options on the System Settings menu (apps, battery, etc.), my selection closes within seconds (or immediately) and returns me to the main System Settings screen. I've removed all recently installed a...
    last modified by audreydc1983
  • Adding my own ringtone?

    I have a short audio clip that I'd like to use as a ringtone. What's the proper audio format for a ringtone file for this phone, and where do I store it, presumably somewhere on my SD card? For that matter, where are...
    last modified by rbob
  • Liquid Damage indicator still white, but I'm not able to start my phone

    Yesterday (9/3/14) I dropped my phone in water but immediately took it out.  I then took it apart and let it sit in a bag of rice over night; there was no change in the liquid damage indicator, it was still white...
    last modified by jvarvil
  • Change label text color on home screen?

    I have the "biz" theme (simple, uncluttered) but find the text labels under the folder or app icons to be nearly unreadable. I've poked at every menu and option setting I could find, but see no way to change the color...
    last modified by rbob
  • software update to Android version 4.1.2/ Software P76920h via Over the Air (OTA).

    My phone says it is up to date, but when i check the version on the phone it shows that I have P76920f.  Is it actually available or is it a issue with my phone?  As per this software update notice my phone ...
    last modified by mactech.chris
  • Phone will not stay on and reset itself

    At some point this morning my phone began shutting itself off, getting stuck during reboot and shutting down without powering back on. I have had to remove the battery a few dozen times already just to try and figure ...
    last modified by fatesjoke
  • My LG Optimus L9 Camera does not work periodically.  Tmobile already replaced once.  Camera will look like it took a picture but then go to gallary and it's just black, sometimes camera won't even open.  Any suggestions? It's intermittent

    last modified by judomax
  • warranty?

    so I have an LG Optimus L9 that I have on the prepaid T-mobile plan, & about a week ago the headphone jack stopped playing music out of my right ear bud. at first I thought it was just my headphones breaking, but ...
    last modified by jewelz963
  • LG Optimus L9 wifi will not turn on

    I've had my Optimus L9 for about a year now, and it has been working fine until a week ago, I assume after an OTA update because it told me to restart my phone, then it stopped working. The wifi function on the phone ...
    last modified by shoony123
  • Lg optimus 9--can't receive MultiMedia messages.

    Hi, lately it seems that I can't receive picture messages on my LG phone.  Is there any way to fix it?  I've tried restarted my phone several times, but to no avail.
    last modified by tbevis
  • Update SIM

    I have recently gotten a replacement phone from my daughter, after I lost my old one. I need to update the SIM so that I can connect to my old line. I followed the directions on the website and all it did was take me ...
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  • How do I edit contacts that imported from FB?

    I agreed to let my new phone sync my contacts so all my Facebook contacts are now there but without phone numbers.  I can't seem to get it to let me add people's phone numbers to these contacts (I can edit the co...
    last modified by gladli
  • WiFi not turning on

    Hi guys! I'm really new to this so sorry if something is wrong. Just a few days ago, my Android's WiFi just suddenly shut off and refused to turn on. I was using an app that I now deleted but still it is not turning o...
    last modified by ariesnfjk
  • My phone won't receive or send any group messages

    I Have tried to send messages to my friends as a group and it just sends it separately and when they responds I get it from them individually is there any way I can send and receive group messages
    last modified by nasly
  • LG OPTIMUS L9 from T-Mobile update (P769)

    Hello, I recently contacted LG about releasing a kitkat android update (4.4&above) for their T-mobile version of the L9 and They said it depends on the software released by the carrier so I'm bringing my issue to ...
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