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    spam text messages.

      How do I block spam text messages?

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          Hi hart3453,

               Can you tell if the messages are coming from a phone number or email address? If they are coming from a phone number, check out Text Message (SMS) Spam Reporting . If the messages are coming from an email address, you can set up a filter. To filter e-mails sent to your phone, perform the following steps:

            1. Go to My T-Mobile and log in. 
            2. Hover over MobileLife, and then select E-mail and text tools
            3. From the E-mail filters and spam blocking section, select Create e-mail filters
            4. Select CREATE FILTER or turn on one of the preset filters. 
            5. NOTE: A Create/Edit a new filter form will become available here. 
            6. Depending on what needs to be filtered, select the appropriate items from the drop-down menus and enter the information. 
              • To block a specific address use the From field. 
              • To block a specific topic use Subject.
            7. Click Save.