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    Can't enable call waiting or call forwarding

      Inside settings, if I select "Call settings", then either "Call forwarding" or "Additional settings", I am unable to change anything. As long as I stay on the "Call forwarding" or "Additional settings" screen, I just get the message "Reading settings..." and a perpetual spinning progress wheel.

      My phone is the myTouch Q (with slide-out keyboard). I just got it a few weeks ago, and have it mostly set up how I want... but still need call waiting and caller id working. I'm fairly sure my plan supports these options ("Even More" plan).

      Any suggestions?

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          Hi cmattoon1016,

               If you are connected to wi-fi or wi-fi calling while you try to access these options, they may not work. You have the option to either disable wi-fi calling and then try to view these settings or see the chart below for short codes that will help you change these settings.


          Call Forward unreachable (CFNRc)

          Enable CFNRc  from dial pad (*62*DN#)

          Disable CFNRc  from dial pad (##62#)

          Call Forward when unanswered (CFNRy)

          Enable CFNRy  from dial pad (*61*DN#)

          Disable CFNRy  from dial pad (##61#)

          Call Forward Busy (CFB)

          Enable CFB from dial pad (*67*DN#)

          Disable CFB  from dial pad (##67#)

          Call Waiting (CW)

          Disable Call Waiting  from dial pad (#43#)

          Re-enable Call Waiting from dial pad (*43#)


          Please let us know if this helps!

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            Hi alicia_b,

            Thanks very much for your help! I have been able to activate call waiting using the code (*43#).

            I'm still confused about setting up call forwarding, however: I've tried a few combinations, including *61*DN# (although the 'D' key seems to be disabled when the dialpad is active), *61* followed by the number I'm trying to forward calls to, *61* by itself, and a few other combinations...


            The result in most cases is a window with the message "Call forwarding Connection problem or invalid MMI code".

            In other cases, it makes a call, and I get a voice message: "We're sorry, all circuits are busy now... message CA84055"


            I did also try both turning off wifi calling, and disabling wifi altogether, but in both cases I still have the same problem (eternal spinning progress wheel) when trying to change call waiting/call forwarding settings with the GUI.

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              Aha, one more follow-up: I found more explicit instructions on call forwarding here: http://wiki.howardforums.com/index.php/T-Mobile_Conditional_Call_Forwarding


              To activate forwarding on no answer, **61*+<country_code><phone_number># [SEND[ (forward on no answer)


              Cheers, and thanks again for your help!

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                Try these codes with wi-fi off:


                CFU = Call Forwarding Unconditional
                CF NRY = Call Forwarding if No Reply
                CF NRC = Call Forwarding if Not Reachable
                CF Busy = Call Forwarding if Busy
                **21* PhoneNumber#Activate CFU to number.
                * # 21#Check status of CFU.
                # # 21#Cancel CFU.
                * * 61* PhoneNumber#Activate CF NRY to number.
                # # 61#Cancel CF NRY.
                * # 61 #Check status of CF NRY.
                * * 62 * PhoneNumber#Activate CF NRC.
                # # 62 #Cancel CF NRC.
                * # 62 #Check status of CF NRC.
                * * 67 * PhoneNumber#Activate CF Busy.
                # # 67 #Cancel CF Busy.
                * # 67 #Check Status of CF Busy.
                # # 004 #Cancel all call forwarding (CF Busy,CF NRY,CF NRC).