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    Mobile-hotspot issues

      We are having some issues with new phones we got from T-Mobile. My fiance picked up the HTC amaze for the sole purpose of using the mobile-hotspot to replace out internet connection with our cable company. We can get his hotspot working on his phone like it suggests and our computers recognize it as a hotspot but when connecting we get a Local connection only, or a very slow connection. He is connecting using a Windows 7 desktop Asus computer with Google Chrome as his browser and a wireless usb device direct from our cable company that has never given us problems. I seem to get the same issues with my Samsung Galaxy S where I will have 'local and internet' connected then all of a sudden drop down to only a 'local' internet which allows little to no connection. We do not have more than just our own computers linked to each respective hot spot for now, waiting to figure out if this is going to work before we start connecting the other PS3 and Wii and a tablet... Signal always shows as excellent on both the phone and the wifi from the computer, and when using the Windows troubleshooting it does not detect anything wrong with the connection. I have tried with and without security, and tethering seems to have the same effect over the wireless. Numerous restarts of all devices also do not give any different settings.  At this time, I do still have the cable internet service, but the phones are both said to be just as fast as the internet service we get now...


      It there any tricks to getting the mobile hotspot running from both devices like advertised and stay connected? Though we pay for it, we have had sporatic internet connection at best with these.

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          Do you guys suscribe to mobile hotspot, i.e., are you paying for that feature?

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            Yeah, and I will be connected just fine while he is not at the same time, or vice versa. I seem to be getting better connection overall, with an older and supposedly slower phone, while he has the new one that was maketed as faster but will not let him stay connected. The biggest issue is for online gaming, where I will be connected and can handle the game though my computer is a laptop with Windows Vista and not as many game specs and my game runs for hours. His though, on a more up-to-date computer, new phone, and game specs cannot seem to stay connected for more than about 30 minutes... T-Mobile tech support is on our list to call on Monday because there is not specialist that can figure it out today.

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              Goodness.. I honestly don't know. Have you reset the phone?

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                Are you using the same name for ssid?

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                  Plus to note depending on plan subscribed to you are limited to a certain amount of data at high speed then slowed for the remainder of your Billing cycle.

                  The phone plan was never meant to replace home internet.

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                    Here's the thing: these phones are a week old at most. Not nearly enough time to consume all the data we're allowed, and I've had a program like this with another carrier and it did replace my home internet. The problem I am trying to work through is with my Galaxy we have no problems, and with his HTC Amaze we don't get 20% of what I get with the other. The phone must be capable, I just need to figure out how. We have the exact same plan, I just chose a cheaper, older model phone is all. Have not tried changing his ssid; we've been using the default.


                    I promise you its not with the plans, because the identical plan in my name works like a charm. We've run restarts and system updates on his phone and we've had no luck so far.

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                      Not to bring up an old issue, but I am having this exact same problem.  Phone works great on itself and has a decent signal.  However, tethering is for the pooper.  I get a very sporatic download rate when tethering and I have the mobile hotspot feature on my plan.  Prior to the Amaze I had a Motorola Cliq 2 and had fabulous tethering with it.  Now, on the Amaze, I have nothing. 

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                        Hey jediskipdogg, when you upgraded to your Amaze, did you replace your sim card?


                        Also, are you able to download an app from the play store called Speedtest.net? If so, download it, then run a couple of speed tests, and let us know what your upload and download speeds are.


                        Thanks for commenting!


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                          Maria, I did not.  I had just started service with T-Mobile in January this year and till now used an unlocked (T-Mobile version) Cliq 2 that I had bought for my old carrier.  Therefore being only a few months old I didn't see a need for a new sim card.


                          I have run Speedtest.net and feel the numbers are somewhat deceiving.  I just ran it before posting this and show 68ms ping, 6842kbps download, and 2091kbps upload.  All the tests I've run seem to be around that speed however, like when I tried posting this, the app did not start running for about a minute after pushing "Start Test."  It just did absolutely nothing which is generally what my issue is.  When it works, I love it, but it hangs most times before it does anything.  There's an online game I like to play but it requires constant internet and due to the constant up and down bandwidth, it keeps disconnecting me when I play while tethering to it. 



                          The store I upgraded and got the Amaze from in the mall (T-Mobile booth) isn't there anymore so I'm hoping someone on here can help me. 


                          Thanks to anyone in advance that solves it.

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                            Hey jediskipdogg,


                            The speeds that you are getting are pretty good when using the phone only. If you are having these issues while tethering to your PC, you may want to try and reset your browser or use a different browser all together. Please also try a different computer to see if the issues persist.

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                              Well, I tried a different computer today (kinda hard when you only have one laptop.)  It did the same thing so I restarted my laptop which didn't solve it.  I then restarted the phone and that helped.  It seems to work 95% fine when I use the Hotspot immediately after restart.  Once a few hours go by, it only works about 5% of the time. 


                              I'll see if the ICS update helps at all then post back.