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slide lock

Is there any way to disable the slide lock on LG Mytouch phone?

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    I don't know of a way, sorry.


    Do you just want to go directly to the home screen when you press the power button on your myTouch by LG?

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    yes, that is what I want to do as well.  Can this 'feature' be disabled?

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    The slide lock screen can't be disabled. In my opinion (groan), I think it's a real feature -- it prevents someone from accidentally activating their phone if they're fishing around in a jacket pocket for something and unknowingly bump the physical power button. If the slide lock screen wasn't there, if they then accidentally touch the right icon, a video could start playing, or a call could be started -- using up a data allowance or voice minutes.


    To add insult to lock-screen injury , I use either the password or swipe pattern security feature to lock my Android phone. I've got a lot of personal and work info on the phone, and I'd rather someone not be able to easily access this stuff if I accidentally left it somewhere.

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    It can be disabled if you root it and install CyanogenMod. That option is part of CM settings.

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    @chipsnguac, very cool, and I like your username.


    I have never installed an alternate Android build on my phone! The myTouch by LG is not in CyanogenMod's currently supported devices list. I hope the community there can support it soon. http://www.cyanogenmod.com/devices

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    @seti Thanks!


    Yeah I just saw that after I posted it. Hopefully they will support your device soon. CyanogenMod is by far the best Android ROM out there!

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    go to Market, download the free app called no lock.  Itr will allow the user the option to lock/unlock at will.  I've used this on precious phones and it does the trick pefectly.